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10 Reasons To Enjoy Nantucket In The Spring

10 Reasons To Enjoy Nantucket In The Spring

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Nantucket is a tiny and beautiful island with dune-backed beaches. Visiting it in the spring rather than the high season is fantastic. The lines to visit attractions are shorter, the change of seasons allows the ice to melt, and the buzz on the island in Massachusettes comes to life. People that visit during this time have a lot of great opportunities to explore including festivals in the area. This is an exceptional part of New England with scenery that is outstanding.

Being located near Cape Cod, Nantucket is home to over 14,000 people and in the summer, the population increases to 50,000. They live and work in the area and enjoy great schools, shopping, entertainment, and of course the wonders of the magnificent beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The size of the island is 47.8 square miles with 82 miles of fantastic beaches.  

The “Little Grey Lady of the Sea”, Nantucket is nicknamed that because it comes out of the fog. In 1641, it had its beginnings. If you are thinking of going to Nantucket, here is why it’s a good idea to visit it during the spring season.

10 Benefits Of Visiting Nantucket In The Spring Compared To High Season

  • Thinner Crowds

When you visit in spring rather than the high season, you will find thinner crowds. This will allow you to enjoy all activities you want without waiting in long lines.

  • Relaxation

You’ll have a chance to really relax. There are plenty of ways that you can do this in the spring in Nantucket. Most of it has to do with the places that you will go to and the places that you can stay.

  • Lower Priced Accommodations

You will have a great chance to stay at a wonderful vacation home and another accommodation for a lower price. Spring prices in Nantucket are very reasonable and you receive great amenities too.

  • A Fantastic Easter Getaway

Spending Easter in Nantucket is a magnificent and colorful experience. The daffodils are very beautiful and the celebrations are a lot of fun.

  • Museums Open Up Again

The museums in the area start to open up again. You can grab the opportunity to enjoy the culture of Nantucket while you are there. 

  • Festivals Are Awesome

There are several great festivals in the area to attend. You will want to get out and enjoy as many of them as you can while you are there.

  • The Best Restaurants In The Area Are Available

The best places to eat in Nantucket usually have long lines. You will have a great chance to get into them quickly during the spring.

  • Enjoy The Beaches With Smaller Crowds

Enjoying the beaches with smaller crowds is another benefit of traveling to Nantucket during the spring. You will get your choice of space on the sand and feel the vibe of the island.

  • Travel Fares Are More Affordable

Saving money on the prices for travel to and from the island is noticeable in the spring. You will be able to travel quickly too.

  • Seeing Beautiful Scenery

There is plenty of great scenery in the spring. Beautiful landscapes and scenes of the ocean that are stunning are just part of what you will see. Be sure to take many pictures while you are there.

Local Activities To Be Enjoyed During Spring In Nantucket

  • Beaches

The beauty of the beaches of Nantucket is something to see, feel and enjoy. Take look at ones such as Sconset Beach, Brant Point, Steps Beach, Surfside Beach, Cisco, and more. There will be plenty of beach activities as well as complete enjoyment awaiting you. 

  • Golfing

Avid golfers love golfing in Nantucket. Try out the Nantucket Golf Course, the Sankaty Head Golf Club, and the Westmoor Club for outstanding courses to show off your golfing skills. The scenery is breathtaking, the courses are kept to perfection, and the excellence in golf is clear. There are others to pick from in the area too.

  • Museums

Having a wonderful time at the area museums is also possible. Take some time to visit the Whaling Museum, the Loines Observatory, the Maria Mitchell Association, and more. There are museums that every age group will enjoy.

  • Restaurants

Black-Eyed Susan’s, Via Marre, Straight Wharf, and many other restaurants are all super choices to enjoy during the spring. If you make your plans early, you will be able to get the best seating possible for lunch or for dinner. The cuisine will vary from American to Italian and the hospitality is spectacular.

Festivals And Events During The Spring In Nantucket

Festivals and other events are great ways to enjoy Nantucket in the spring. They are filled with festivities and activities that will please you immensely. Make sure that you get to see as many as you can while you are there. Here are some of them that you can attend:

  • Daffodil Festival (April 22 – 24)

Every year, Nantucket holds the Daffodil Festival. It’s filled with events that include parades, daffodil hat contests, events for the kids, great food, and a lot more. The colors are so beautiful and you will get to enjoy plenty of the scenery that Nantucket is so popular for.

  • Easter (April 15 – 17)

Enjoy wonderful times for Easter in Nantucket. The restaurants, hotels, and many other venues have special events that you can take part in. Great food and drinks are always a part of them. Some of them offer Easter egg hunts for the children too.

  • Wine And Food Festival (May 18 – 22)

The Wine and Food Festival is in May. You will enjoy tasting wines and foods all over the area. Meeting other people is also a favorite part of this festival as well as the other activities. It’s a fantastic way to spend some time that will be unforgettable.

  • Mother’s Day (May 6 – 8)

Nantucket is a great place to have a Mother’s Day celebration. Having a delicious family dinner or shopping in the local high-end boutiques can be just part of the fun. A great idea is to book one of the cruises that end with a beautiful Nantucket sunset. Make Mother’s Day a special event with all that is offered in Nantucket during the spring.

Visiting Nantucket during the spring is an exceptional time. You will be able to enjoy truly the island and everything it can offer. Planning a trip to Nantucket at this time will not be just more affordable, but it will also guarantee a wonderful experience.