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10 reasons why you should travel to the United State National Parks

10 reasons why you should travel to the United State National Parks

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National Parks are an important part of the US. There are 58 parks in total and each of these parks has its own unique history and place in the US. If you plan to visit the US, you definitely need to visit at least one of the many national parks available. Why do you ask? In this piece, we will answer your question with 10 reasons why you must visit the United States National Parks.

Explore Nature

When you visit one of the National Parks in the US, you get a chance to experience the fullness of nature. There are so many things to see in these parks including glaciers, mountains, caves, volcanoes and other wonders of nature. Each of these parks has one or more of these beauties going for them and you will definitely want to see them.


The parks hold so much promise and uncharted land that it becomes a genuine journey of discovery. There are so many different ecosystems to explore no matter your personal preference or personal tastes. The parks have varying topographies which further encourage the process of adventure.
People Friendly

The parks are very warm and welcoming due to a variety of factors. There is a great outdoors, courteous and lovely rangers and staff. You can reconnect with nature for free and learn about the history of the various parks and conservations while you do. The parks are a welcome escape from the stress of city life and this embracing environment is just what you need to get back in the groove.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The national parks are a place for unwinding and relaxation. Some parks such as the Hot Springs national park located in Arkansas have hot springs that you can use to unwind. Enjoy the parks, watch the sunset and have a nice time at the park.


Spending time outdoors can be very beneficial to your health. It boosts the immune system, allows you to enjoy the fresh air and it has a whole range of benefits to the human body. Being among trees has been shown by studies to make us healthier. Vacationing at a national park is a good way to stay healthy from time to time.


Visiting a national park is an opportunity to learn. You can learn about history, nature, science, conservation and other topics. It is also a relaxed environment with professional guides who are willing to take you around and show you everything you need to know about the park. Visiting the park is one way to learn and have fun at the same time.


It is very convenient to visit any park as there are 58 parks in 27 states. There is almost no way you can’t get to a national park. The parks are spread all over the US so you can pick anyone and visit as easy as and conveniently as you want. California is the state with most parks with nine parks in total and is followed by Utah which has eight.

Exciting Trails

One part of an adventure is having a place to explore. There are so many hiking trails available for your perusal which will allow you to enjoy the outdoors. The trails are easy to navigate and it does not involve your skill level (beginner or expert) you can always have fun.

Learn History

History is an important part of any society. Visiting the parks will give you a chance to learn about the rich history of the US and how it intertwines with the parks. You will be able to learn about ancient people, cave dwellings, and America’s political history. The National Park is a treasure trove of valuable historical information that will open the eyes of any visitor.


When compared to most vacation spots in the country, National parks are actually cheaper to visit on average. If you are traveling on a budget, you can get the experience for as low as $30 in some parks. For example, Yellowstone National Park costs $15 for a week-long individual pass. During some celebrations, the parks are free to access and this further adds to its budget appeal.

For International travelers

If you are traveling in from a visa-free country, you will need to submit an ESTA application. The ESTA application is a form that can be filled online and is a requirement for visitors to the US who are coming from visa-free countries. You will receive a response at least 72 hours after you fill the form and note that you will be required to pay a fee during the application process. You can always check your ESTA visa status if you do not receive any feedback after 72 hours. Ensure that you fill the form correctly to avoid any negative feedback after submission. If you want to enjoy the US properly, it will be best that you enter the country legally to enjoy all the US has to offer without any Hassle.

The most interesting thing is that in nowadays there are a lot of residentional parks, where you can live with your family.