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10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Superyachts

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Superyachts

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What makes a regular yacht different from a superyacht? 

What is a superyacht to be exact?

This post will answer those two questions and more. How much do you know about superyachts? If you’re into superyachts, you will be familiar with Dubai, this is where super yachts dock, it is also home to most of the world’s owners of superyachts. There is much to know about superyachts and this article will give you an idea of how massive, grand, and larger-than-life superyachts are.

1. The Definition of a Superyacht

A superyacht or mega yacht is a professionally crewed luxurious sailing yacht that has a loadline length of 79 feet or more. It has unique technical details that make it vastly different from a regular yacht. A yacht cannot be considered a superyacht if it is not at least 79 feet long. To put it simply, anything that is not 79 feet long in loadline length falls under the category of a regular yacht. If it goes beyond that, then such a yacht is already in the superyacht category. 

2. The Biggest Superyacht

The biggest superyacht in the world is Azzam. Azzam is 591 feet long and was built by Lürssen Yachts. It has been sailing since April 2013. Its owner is the current president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It is said that building the superyacht costs over US$600 million. Azzam is currently sailing at the Red Sea. It costs around US$60 million a year to maintain Azam.

3. Superyacht: the Crew

A superyacht will be incomplete without its crew. It’s impossible to successfully sail a superyacht without the help of a distinct set of people. To successfully sail on a superyacht, you will need the help of five different crew: the captain, the chef, the interior staff, the deck crew, and the engineers. 

4. Superyacht: the Captain

It will be impossible to sail a superyacht without a captain. It is the captain who will be in full control and will hold full responsibility for the yacht. The captain has three important roles and they are as follows:

Role no. 1: to ensure the safe operation of the superyacht and the safety of everyone on board

Role no. 2: the management of every single crew

Role no. 3: to ensure the enjoyment of the owner and guests of the superyacht

Captains dictate the speed and the direction of the superyacht. If you want to sail smoothly and peacefully on your superyacht, it is a requisite that you look for a competent and experienced captain.

5. Superyacht: the Chef

Having a chef is essential. It will be impossible to enjoy your superyacht experience if no chef is on board. The chef will ensure that everyone on board is well-fed and satisfied. No crew or guest can be expected to function well when they are hungry. Hence, the presence of chefs in all superyachts is highly essential. A competent superyacht chef is effective in planning and allocating food for the whole duration of the sail. His work starts even before a superyacht sets sail.

6. Superyacht: the Interior Staff

Sailing on a superyacht is a luxurious experience. This luxurious experience is possible through the help of the interior staff. An interior staff is composed of people who are dedicated to providing a hotel-life environment. They are the ones who ensure that everything is clean and in order. They ensure that all guest needs are fully taken care of every single time. 

7. Superyacht: the Deck Crew

No sailing is possible without the deck crew. A captain will be of no use if there is no deck crew to deploy such orders. A superyacht’s deck crew is entirely dedicated to the operation and maintenance of the vessel. A superyacht would simply not be able to sail without one. Superyacht guests can enjoy their sailing because deck crews tend to the following tasks:

a. Cleaning and greasing of machinery

b. Moving heavy objects

c. Operation of radio and navigational equipment

d. Use of knots and ropes

e. Painting, sweeping, and mopping. 

8. Superyacht: the Engineers

A superyacht is always manned by dedicated engineers. Dedicated engineers spend hours after hours ensuring that all systems on board are fully functioning. Engineers take care of all the electronic, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and structural systems in a superyacht. Without engineers on board, a superyacht will be left clueless and helpless in case of issues in plumbing, A.V. systems, and the likes occur. Superyachts don’t sail without engineers on board. 

9. Below-deck Crew Areas

A superyacht is incomplete without a below-deck crew area. This area houses the crew cabins, the crew mess, and the laundry room. The crew cabin is where all crew stays when they’re resting and not on duty. The crew mess is where all the crew of the superyacht dines. This is where all the crew have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

10. Superyachts as businesses

Superyachts can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Commercial superyachts can earn big if they’re offered commercial charters. Chartering a superyacht can cost around $100,000/per week.  Such cost will involve the service of a full-time crew and a dedicated captain. It is costly to charter a superyacht because of all the maintenance and manning necessary. Most superyacht owners opt to have their superyachts rented on a part-time basis because their earnings greatly help in answering yearly maintenance costs.