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18 travel challenges for nature lovers

18 travel challenges for nature lovers

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How many of these travel challenges for nature lovers have you completed?

This list of travel challenges is meant to make you step a little out of your comfort zone. If you like spending time in nature, then you’ve probably already completed some of these challenges. Nevertheless, there are ideas here that will help you plan your next outdoor adventure.

1. Roll around in the snow after taking a sauna (in the name of health!).

2. Organize a night picnic with lanterns/candles/campfire/the full moon.

Photo: Dave Lastovskiy/Unsplash

3. Go where 90% of animals and plants are unique and can’t be found anywhere else (we mean Madagascar, but if you find another place that meets the criteria, go ahead!).

4. Boil eggs in a valley of geysers – there are just over 1000 geysers on Earth, but it seems the influence of hot water on the human mind hasn’t been well studied yet because people tend to think of weird stuff to when they see a geyser. Like boiling eggs (there are hundreds of videos of this; check them out if you find the idea interesting).

5. Pop a bottle of champagne when you climb a new mountain peak. You deserve it.

Photo: © Lachezar Sokolov/

6. Spend the night in a hammock in a forest or on the beach.

7. Jump into a warm, open-air mineral pool while it’s snowing.

8. Bathe in a waterfall (one idea).

9. Hug a very special tree (a local attraction, a very old tree or a family tree).

10. Practice gökotta. Gökotta is a Swedish word that roughly translates as “to rise at dawn in order to go out and listen to the birds sing”. Read more about gökotta.

Photo: ©

11. Try volcano boarding  hike up to a volcanic crater, enjoy the view, then try something more interesting: slide down the volcanic stones and ash with a special board at a speed of up to 75 kph (47 mph).

12. Discover sandboarding slide down a sand dune with your feet fixed to a board.

13. Skinny-dip in a remote mountain lake.

14. Stand before the Gates of Hell.

15. Fly high in a hot-air balloon.

16. Breathe in the scent of lavender in Provence (between June and August is the best time to do it).

17. The most difficult challenge for active people: Spend a whole day doing nothing. Rest, observe the world around you, take a nap in the afternoon, have a cup of tea… Genuinely try to enjoy doing nothing.

18. Sleep in a floating bungalow (one idea here).

Photo: © Maria Angelova/

All ideas are inspired by the book “203 Travel Challenges. Travel the World. Explore Your Inner Self.”.

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    Go to a distance, high place on the nearest mountain, wait till the sun sets and watch the stars. My personal favorite 🙂

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