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3 Locations for a student to travel and be inspired for writing

3 Locations for a student to travel and be inspired for writing

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With university buildings closed and flights around world limited, now it is a great time for students to look ahead and consider their future travel plans. After months of staying at home for quarantine, many students will be in need of a good dose of inspiration when it comes to sitting down to write their next assignment. 

Here are just 3 great options for British students looking for the perfect destination to inspire their writing!


One of the most exciting places in Europe, Barcelona is one of the best cities for students in the world. Barcelona is a city that has it all – food, art, architecture, and history! The city is famous for its diversity, being home to some of the finest examples from architectural styles ranging from gothic to Modernist. What’s more, the coastal city is surrounded by beautiful mountains that serve as the perfect backdrop for an inspiring city trip. 

Being home to the stunning Sagrada Familia, colourful park Guell, and some of the finest Mediterranean dining the world has to offer – Barcelona is so vibrant that many students may even have a hard time picking just one thing to be inspired by! Using an essay service with top writers can act as a useful service for students who need online help in UK to condense their experiences into a solid piece of writing. It can be even used as a sort of paraphrase tool whenever one needs to avoid plagiarism in their writing. Students looking for research topics for their essay writing can combine the exploration of beautiful Barcelona with an essay writing service UK, to guarantee custom essays that are sure to impress. 


The stunning island of Crete is one of Greece’s most beloved destinations, and one of the best options for a student travel Europe has to offer. The island is another European location that has it all. In terms of nature, Crete is home to a host of beautiful beaches, scenic mountains, and awe-inspiring wilderness. 

Crete is also famous for the wealth of historical sites that it can boast. With a history spanning back thousands of years, visitors can check Bronze Age sites like Knossos Palace or what was the last active leper colony on the island of Spinalonga. Students visiting Crete can search for inspiration for their next paper, all while enjoying the rich culinary tradition that Crete offers its visitors. Little taverns serve food that uses the freshest Mediterranean ingredients to create dishes that are simple in preparation, yet rich in flavour!


Far away from the turquoise shores of the Mediterranean, is Connemara. A rural region along the west coast of Ireland, Connemara is famous for its stunning natural landscapes and quaint towns. Being a coastal area, Connemara is home to many scenic beaches, fishing villages, and peaceful islands that will fill students with inspiration. Visitors can enjoy the fresh sea air while going on a variety of scenic walks through areas such as the Clifden Sky Road, Connemara National Park, and Ballyconneely.

Among walks and nature, travelling to Connemara should include a stop to check out the beautiful estate of Kylemore Abbey. Built as a castle in 1867 and sitting at the bottom of Druchruach Mountain, the grounds of the stunning building are also home to romantic Victorian walled gardens that will leave a lasting impression on any visitor. A craft shop and pottery studio can be enjoyed by those with a creative streak! 

Connemara is so renowned for its untouched beauty and solitude that it has become a favourite spot for many writers and artists looking to escape the bustle of city life and find quiet inspiration for their work.

These are just three destinations that students can add to their travel bucket list in order to find inspiration for their writing, but as travel in Europe continues to reopen, the world continues to become your treasure chestr!