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5 travel challenges for October (to keep you warm and inspired)

5 travel challenges for October (to keep you warm and inspired)

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It’s October again, a month dedicated to woolen socks, fireplaces, hygge and hot rum cocktails. If you feel like your traveler’s soul is hibernating, then scoop up some inspiration from our October travel challenges list to keep your wanderlust fit and strong:

1. On a clear night, walk out of your home in your warmest clothes and with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. Drink it under the stars with someone special.

2. Visit a big bookshop and leave notes to future readers in your favorite books.

3. Send a paper postcard to a friend. No special occasion required.

4. Watch a new travel movie.

5.  Steal a healthy practice from the Japanese: Try shinrin-yoku (translated as forest bathing) by going for a long walk in the forest without your phone.


Inspired by the book “203 Travel Challenges. Travel the World. Discover Your Inner Self”.ch

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