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50 fun summer vacation challenges (+ printable list)

50 fun summer vacation challenges (+ printable list)

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A recent study has proven that a well-planned vacation is better than knocking around aimlessly while the days slip by. And while a military-style plan won’t make it really feel like a vacation, here is a fun list to help you find a happy medium as you get creative and challenge yourself this summer.

You can download a printable version of the list here.

Summer vacation fun challenges list


1. Immerse yourself in a lake (or the sea).

2. Bathe in a waterfall.

3. Make up a camping ‘team name’ for you and your group of friends.

4. Organize a night hike.

5. Plan a themed picnic.

6. Practice the Swedish nature concept gökotta.

7. Practice shinrin-yoku.

8. Try your hand at kayaking or sailing.

9. Test your nerves by cliff jumping.

10. Walk barefoot.

11. Sleep in a tent.

12. Pick berries.

13. Try rock climbing.

14. Venture into a cave.

15. Visit a national park.

16. Light a campfire.

17. Learn how to use a compass.

18. Go cycling.

19. Hug a tree.

20. See an animal you haven’t met in real life before.

21. Organize a treasure hunt.

22. Find a high place with a view (a rock, a skyscraper etc.) and enjoy the scenery with a drink.

23. Go stargazing (or hunt for shooting stars).

24. Spend a day in hammock.


25. Swim in a pool.

26. Visit a water park.

27. Taste all the ice cream in the city and judge which is the best.

28. Repeat for pizza.

29. Grab a book and spend an afternoon reading in a cafe.

30. Choose a book you’ve already read and give it to a random person.

31. Organize a surprise trip for a friend – just tell him or her what clothes to pack.

32. Visit a summer festival.

33. Walk through your neighborhood and choose a house at random. Jot down the address and send the owner a postcard with a kind message.

34. Take a photo on the stroke of every hour.

35. Visit a gallery. Prepare by looking up information and fun facts about the painters whose works you are going to see.

36. Join a volunteer organization.

37. Invite a friend from another city/country and play guide during his/her stay.

38. Pretend to be a tourist in your own city.

39. Research the history of your street and neighborhood.

40. Cook a foreign meal.

41. Say “yes” to every offer you get for a whole day.

42. Start learning a new language (it could be for free).

43. Embark on a mystery trip. Let one friend drive while the other, with their eyes closed, navigates by saying something like: “Turn left, go right at the second exit”.

44. Get lost on purpose.

45. Close your eyes, turn the map of your region a few times and then point to a random place – your next destination!

46. Go on a solo day trip. Enjoy your own company.

47. Walk every street in your neighborhood or city.

48. Research your family roots.

49. Hitchhike to a neighboring town.

50. Looking for more creative travel ideas? We’ve compiled a book with 203 travel challenges for you to mix, stir and tweak to create your own personal adventures! No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned traveler, you’ll find some inspiring ideas within.