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7 Sadhguru quotes about finding inner peace

7 Sadhguru quotes about finding inner peace

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“Right now your problem is that you suffer what happened ten years ago and you suffer what may happen the day after tomorrow. Both are not living truths. They are simply a play of your memory and imagination. Does this mean then that in order to find the peace you must annihilate your mind? Not at all. It simply means you need to take charge of it. Your mind carries the enormous reserves of memory and the incredible possibilities of the imagination that are the result of an evolutionary process of millions of years. If you can use it when you want and put it aside when you don’t, the mind can be a fantastic tool.”

“The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it. Many of us are finding happiness, by seeking something or some ‘experience’ that’ll make us happy. Joy always seems to exist in the future. But if we look closely, we’ll find that there is something that makes us joyful naturally. We don’t have to buy an expensive car or visit an exotic tourist destination. Joy is here.”

“If you are conscious that you are mortal, there is no time to do anything stupid. You have to stay on track.”

“If you want to make yourself miserable, you have endless opportunities, because always, someone will do something you don’t like.”

“By going to the temple, mosque, or church, you do not become spiritual. You become spiritual only by turning inward. We have to give enough time to our body, mind, and vital energies (your brain isn’t the only mind) to study their nature and take control of them. Until we know their true nature, how can we ever work with them?”

“When you absolutely throw yourself into your activity, your energy will only grow. There are many books written on ‘flow’ – a mental state where we are completely engrossed into the task at hand and lose all sense of time. Flow is important to feel alive and blissful. Activities such as sports, music, and reading are ‘flow’ activities. People who live for the thrill by doing risky stunts are just in love with the flow. The lesson here is that, if we throw ourselves into our activities instead of doing them half-heartedly, joy will come naturally.”

“Then I was a man
I only went up the Hill
As I had time to kill
But kill I did all that was
Me and Mine

With Me and Mine gone
Lost all my will and skill
Here I am, an empty vessel
Enslaved to the Divine Will
and indefinite kill”