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9 fun facts about Vienna to know before you visit it

9 fun facts about Vienna to know before you visit it

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Everybody knows that the Austrian capital is the “city of dreams” and “the city of music”, but did you know that:

1. Vienna is the home of the oldest zoo still functioning today: Tiergarten Schönbrunn, founded in 1752.

2. It is the only capital in the world that produces its own wine – with over 1500 acres of vineyards in its territory, most of them producing white wine. Among the most famous varieties are Riesling, Weissburgunder and Grüner Veltliner. While in Vienna, don’t forget to visit one of the famous Heurigers – a wine-tavern where local producers serve their own wine from the most recent vintage.

4.  More famous composers have lived here than anywhere else in the world, including Mozart, Beethoven, Joseph Haydn and Johann Strauss. Their homes have now been converted into museums and are open to visitors.

5.  After WWII Vienna was divided into four occupation zones. Russia, France, Britain and the United States took control over different parts of the city.

7. Dogs are allowed in many public places in Vienna, including restaurants and boutique shops.

9. Vienna sits in two different climate zones – European transitional and Panonian.

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