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An essential guide to exploring Australia’s Beautiful North West

An essential guide to exploring Australia’s Beautiful North West

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Australia’s North West is vast and far more extensive than the size of the United Kingdom. It has some of the world’s most stunning natural and ancient landscapes dating back billions of years. From the canyons of Karijini in Pilbara to the breathtaking Bungle Bungle Range in Kimberly, Australia’s North West has beautiful sceneries. Moreover, it has islands with world-class fishing.

Apart from prehistoric landscapes, Australia’s North West also has thriving wildlife, horizontal waterfalls, bustling cities, and different cultural experiences. This Northern Territory encompasses much of what gives Australia endless appeal and beauty.

North West Australia is among the most popular destinations for explorers, international visitors, and holidaymakers. It has a light plane network and a road network system, making it easier for visitors to move from one destination to the next as they explore the beautiful Northern Territory.

The Ideal Visiting Time 

The best time to visit the North West region is around May to October when the season is dry. During this period, the days are warmer, and the nights are cooler. If you visit between November and April, you will likely find hot days, dramatic sunsets, balmy nights, and tropical downpours occasionally. During this season, waterfalls are at their peak. And, due to the heavy rainfall, some roads may be inaccessible.

Once you’ve arrived in North West Australia, you can hire transport providers like the Northfleet to help you explore the desserts, bushland, national parks, and the enormous winding tropical coastlines. A journey through the North Western Territory is truly a journey through history itself.

To explore Australia’s beautiful North West successfully, here’s an essential guide:

1. The Kimberly Region

The Australian North Western Kimberly Region is part of the Outback region with many unique and spectacular sites and sceneries. Despite covering around 424,517 square kilometers, it’s sparsely populated with less than 40,000 people. However, this doesn’t rule out the fact that it has beautiful natural wonders like the following:  

  • Waterfalls
  • Caves
  • Gorges
  • Diverse wildlife

Visiting the Kimberly Region is an experience you’d not want to miss as long as you’re in Northern Australia. You’ll experience an ecstatic adventure that you’ll live to remember. Apart from the sites, this region is well known for economic activities like the following:

  • Construction
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Mining

Some of the places to consider visiting in North West Australia include the following:

  • The Horizontal Falls: This is one of the world’s greatest wonders.
  • Bungle Bungle Range: This landform was made from sandstones deposited 375 million years ago, forming the popular Devonian Reef System.
  • Windjana Gorge: An open-style Gorge which you can swim in; however, you must be aware of aggressive crocodiles. It’s 800 meters from the car park.
  • Mitchell River National Park: It has a breathtaking waterfall carved into the block, layered sandstone.
  • Broome: Famous for pearls and a recommendable holiday destination. You can also enjoy the following activities:
  • Whale watching tour
  • Small ship cruises
  • Village Visits
  • Snorkeling
  • Land and sea exploration
  • Cable Beach: This is where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, ocean waves, and white sand. Apart from enjoying the waves and the beautiful ocean at this beach, you can also enjoy a camel riding experience along the coast.
  • Kununurra: It has beautiful wildlife, red hills, and breathtaking water crossing
  • Dampier Archipelago Island Reserves: It’s known for exquisite sand beaches, red cliffs, and turquoise water
  • El Questro Wilderness Park: A perfect place if you like an adventure. It’s approximately 700,000 acres with the following:
  • Broad tidal flats
  • Rugged sandstones
  • Thermal springs
  • Gorges
  • Permanent waterfalls
  • Rainforest pockets

From the above explanation, the Kimberly region is a place worth visiting. Many hotels are in the area, so you need not worry about accommodation.

Apart from that, there are many camping sites, some around the beach. They have running water and washrooms to ensure maximum comfort. While in the camping areas, you can view the stars coming out and the moon rising. You can also improvise by lighting a campfire at night to finish the day in style.

2. The Pilbara Region

The other region of North Western Australia is Pilbara. It covers more than 505,000 square kilometers of Western Australia. The Indian Ocean surrounds it to the North West, the Kimberly to the North, the Northern Territory to the East, the Gold Field Midwest, and Gas Khan to the South. 

The Pilbara is an ancient land with iron mining being the main industry. It is characterized by a landscape of ancient rocks and stones, some estimated to be over three billion years old. Like the Kimberly region, Pilbara is sparsely populated, and most people there work for the mining industry.  

As much as the area isn’t fully arid, it’s dry and scorching, with Marble Bar being the hottest town in the region. However, despite the hot climate, the Pilbara area has beautiful scenery and natural attractions over its vast expanses. Some of them include islands with white beaches and ancient rock art. 

While it’s true that the area attracts many visitors for business, export construction, and mining purposes, you can still visit the place as a tourist. Some of the places you can consider exploring while in the area include the following:

  • Karijini National Park: It has breathtaking waterfalls, red cliffs, inviting gorges, and spectacular waterholes. It also has the second-highest mountain in West Australia, called Mt. Bruce. Thus, it has some of the best scenic walks and hiking trails.
  • Dampier Archipelago and Burrup Peninsula: These areas are known for ancient rock art with rock engravings that are more than one million in number.
  • The Mackerel Island: Here, you’ll get one of the best snorkeling and fishing experiences.
  • Millstream Chichester National Park: It’s famous for pools that are crystal clear, hiking trails, and serene gorges.
  • Karratha: It’s a city in the region known for its iron ore operations. It also has the North West Brewing Company, where you can enjoy locally brewed beer.
  • Port Headland: One of the world’s biggest export tonnage ports with big ships, which you’ll get to witness. You’ll also see the operations of the largest mining company in the world.

You can tell from the above that this is a unique place to explore the beautiful scenery and fantastic art. Moreover, you can learn about the Aboriginal history and culture, a dominant group in Pilbara.


Australia’s Nort West is a region where you’d like to explore. It has appealing landscapes, scenery, and natural attraction hence general breathtaking beauty. It’s divided into two regions: Kimberly and Pilbara. Each of them has different places to explore, as explained above. 

And so, if you’re planning for North West Australia to be your next holiday destination, consider following the above exploration guide! It will help increase your chances of getting one of the best exploration experiences ever. Always remember, adventures are the best way to learn!