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Creating A New Life In Singapore? How To Prepare For Your Move

Creating A New Life In Singapore? How To Prepare For Your Move

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Ready to start a new chapter in your life? For many, starting a new chapter includes moving somewhere new. This could be moving from their parent’s home to a place of their own or moving to a new city. Some might take the plunge and move to a new country. Living abroad is an excellent chance to start something new and experience a new culture and lifestyle.

One place that is increasingly becoming more appealing to those looking to relocate is Singapore. The reasons for moving to Singapore are growing with the number of people moving there. Before you rush over to Singapore, you should first go and enjoy the sights and see what Singapore life can offer. There are plenty of unique sights across Singapore, such as the Southern Ridges or the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Going to see the sights before you move can help prepare you, as you will gain cultural insight. 

If you are ready to start creating a new life in Singapore, keep reading to find out some of the ways you can prepare for your move.

Travel Over First To See The Sights

As we discussed above, before you head to Singapore to live there permanently, it will be in your best interest to travel to the country first. This gives you a lot of opportunities to see what the country is truly like and gives you a feel for what it might be like to live there permanently. You could spend a couple of weeks here, or just find as much time as possible to visit.

Ideally, you should be in a position that allows you to travel over and see the Singapore sights. There are many natural beauty spots across Singapore, such as visiting Pulau Ubin. You can also visit the Gardens By the Bay to enjoy the plants and the cloud forest. There is also a treetop walk and an indoor waterfall that can be enjoyed.

Finding Accommodation

Once you’ve gone and enjoyed the sights, you will have to think about where you will live. You might already have an idea of which part of Singapore you are hoping to move to, but who will be arranging your accommodation? For instance, if you are travelling for work, will the company you work for be arranging accommodation for you or will you need to find somewhere to live yourself?

Of course, if you are moving for personal reasons, you will have to look for an apartment yourself. Think about what amenities you need and the desirable areas you would like to live in. Additionally, look at the costs involved and see what suits your budget. If you are hoping to invest in property in Singapore, you might want to look into getting a home loan. It could be worth heading over to PropertyGuru to compare home loans and find the right choice. When you know what loan you could receive, it will help you in your search for accommodation.

Learn The Language

After organising accommodation, you can begin putting preparations in place to help you settle into your new home and life in Singapore. One thing you might want to start preparing early is learning the language. Of course, you will likely meet others in some areas of Singapore who speak English. These could be residents or those who have also recently relocated to Singapore.

However, learning the national language of Singapore, Malay, will help you to settle into the country far more quickly. You will be able to settle into the area and make new friends. In the months or weeks before you leave, invest in classes, and utilise online resources, apps and books to help you learn the basics. When you move to Singapore, you will build confidence and expand your vocabulary when speaking Malay to others. You can continue learning and apply what you have learnt to your daily conversations with others. Gradually, you will notice that you find it easier to speak Malay and understand what others say.

The Bottom Line

Moving to Singapore will be a milestone moment in your life. Preparing for a new life in Singapore will help you settle into your new home more easily. It will also help you to ease any nerves of uncertainty about moving. As you put plans in place prior, you will have an idea of what to expect when you finally arrive.

Being one of the millions that immigrate to Singapore each year, you can begin the exciting next chapter of your life. Keep some of these tips in mind to help you prepare for the move. It will be best to go and see the sights first and traverse the country in general. This can help you understand more about Singapore and prepare you for the move.

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