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Discover the sweet and lazy hammock life

Discover the sweet and lazy hammock life

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We challenge you: Spend a lazy afternoon in a hammock

What better way to celebrate life than to enjoy an afternoon or a full day relaxing in a hammock. This might sound like a piece of cake for you but for some busy bees it is quite a challenge.

How to implement a hammock in your everyday life

First step, gear up! Go and buy yourself a colorful hammock. You will find a decent one in almost any sports & outdoor goods store. Different hammocks I have stumbled upon: single, double, light summer hammocks, camping, cotton, garden hammocks and more.

Hammocks are useful travel gear

Hammocks are not new to history. Back in time, sailors slept in hammocks hung on ships. When transferred to land, they became a novelty, not a necessity. Just like rocking chairs, they are a specific piece of furniture. Nowadays hammocks have turned into the indulgence of people who are willing to leave behind the burden of the workday world.

Be creative

Next step, hang it up! Once it is visible, you are more likely to sit back, swing or lie down for a short break.

A hammock offers lots of possibilities to get creative.

Go camping or hiking and hang it on trees out in the wild.

You could put it up in your backyard, on your terrace or even at home.

Some workplaces allow the use of hammocks for rest in the common areas. How cool is that?

What a great idea!

For advanced travelers only

To step up your game, try overnight sleeping in a hammock or use it as your only camping equipment. On the other hand, you could simply book a stay at Casa Elemento in Minca, Colombia. The hostel is famous for having the world’s largest permanent hammock! Check it out!

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