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Embrace Friluftsliv: nordic philosophy of outdoor life

Embrace Friluftsliv: nordic philosophy of outdoor life

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The fact that we are constantly surrounded by splashing screens of modern gadgets has taken everybody back, but not the Scandinavians. They simply have everything taken care off. From perfectly organized social welfare, top-notch interior design to the notions of how to lead a spiritually and mindfully healthy and balanced life. The Nordic country Norway presents friluftsliv. An inspirational new notion, when translated means “free-air life”, suggest that we should go outside more often and reconnect without true self in the great outdoors.

Return to nature

The philosophy that is slightly hard to pronounce, “free-loofts-liv”, suggests going back to your roots and finding you inner peace in nature. Well, the great Scandinavians have got it right so many times, that there is no reason not to believe them now as well. The Norwegian philosophy friluftsliv was first conceptualized 150 years ago, and “leading and airy and outdoor life” remained as a pivotal idea to enjoy life. During winter, the freezing Oslo is totally covered with snow, but you will see people and kids roaming around streets playing out in the park and listening to the morning birdsong with a smile on their faces.

Go trekking and revel in fresh air

There are many ways to utterly incorporate friluftsliv. Maybe the most effective way to comprehend this Nordic notion is to spend quality time outdoors while getting involved in some kind of activity that you enjoy. And there is no better way to blend to two then by going trekking. To revel in fresh, clear air, you need to go to the strenuous and rocky mountains. Trekking is the best way to safely enjoy in your walk while you are grasping the surrounding natural marvels. If you need trekking poles, you might want to check out the best-rated ones on some of the review sites which are written by nature and sports enthusiast.

Embrace camping and backpacking

Even though this Nordic philosophy seems quite obsolete in today’s digital world, where our screen time tops up the time we spend outside. However, if we emphasize Nordic philosophy during summer or weekend, we will become more enriched, and inspirationally motivated and captivated. It’s perfectly normal for the Scandinavians to go for a walk through the forest after work, schedule a social gathering on the beach, or go camping the whole weekend with family and friends. Camping and backpacking are two connected activities that engage the entire family to do things together, return to their roots, and seize everything that nature offers them in return. Cook outside, tell jokes and stories around the campfire, and simply let loose.

Take indoor activities outside

For those people who don’t have that luck to live near the forest, mountainside or beach, you can still incorporate friluftsliv into your life by taking some of the indoor activities outside. Going fishing like the Nordics may not be possible, but instead running at the gym, you can call a group of friends and go brisk walking in the nearby park, play a game of football in the local court, or just go for an enticing picnic. Make your body the central tool of the day if you wish to embrace friluftsliv totally, and make sure that you at least go for a walk instead of eating unhealthy food and watching Netflix all afternoon.

Upscale your holiday

Make the most out of your holiday by following this Nordic philosophy and book an engaging and inspirational trip. Go somewhere where you can relish in outdoor activities and use up all the natural wonders. The lovers of an active holiday can go skiing, surfing, even bungee jumping, and extreme kayaking. Others who are not a fan of an action-packed holiday can take long walks in the forest, swim in rivers, or hike up a hill to enjoy a splendid view.

Don’t let rain or bad weather stop you to completely embrace friluftsliv. The Nordic people love to travel and be outside, follow their principle and implement a new and healthy lifestyle.