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Enjoy delicious Frankfurt green sauce

Enjoy delicious Frankfurt green sauce

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Almost nothing else says more about a country and its people than the national cuisine and associated traditions. Food and drink are a means of immersing yourself in the lifestyle of a region and enjoying unforgettable experiences. Food is, quite simply, an integral part of national culture – and Germany has lots to offer in this respect.

Germany is famous for its traditional recipes that have been lovingly preserved and handed down from generation to generation. At the same time, many influences from all over the world are also apparent in German cuisine. And this is precisely what makes our food culture an exciting blend of tradition and innovation that is as diverse as our scenery: from ‘Pannfisch’ fried fish in the North to green sauce and ‘Bratwurst’ sausages in Central Germany to dumplings, ‘Maultaschen’ pasta pockets and ‘Eisbein’ ham hock in the South – German cuisine has a delicious speciality to suit every palate.

In Hesse, ‘Grie Soß’ – green sauce in the local dialect – is so famous and held in such great affection that it even has its own monument! And every year in May, the people of Frankfurt celebrate their special sauce with a dedicated festival. The essential ingredients in this regional speciality are seven specific herbs that grow in Hesse. Green sauce is served with potatoes and eggs. A glass of chilled traditional apple wine is the ideal accompaniment to this tasty dish.

And a glass of good wine or beer is an important part of any special dining experience in Germany. Excellent wines are produced in vineyards covering a total of some 100,000 hectares in 13 wine-growing areas extending from the Elbe River to Lake Constance. And over 5,000 high-calibre beers are produced in 1,300 breweries throughout Germany. Sample Germany’s surprising and delicious culinary specialities.

Photos: Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V./ Author – Knut Pflaumer