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Essential Things You Need Before Going On A Paddle Boarding Trip

Essential Things You Need Before Going On A Paddle Boarding Trip

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One of the great things about life and being a human being is the exploration and adventure we have at our core. We have this amazing desire to push the boundaries, try new things, and see the world differently every time we go out.

What we have seen in recent years with the rise in different and alternative sports or activities has been nothing short of amazing, and the available options for us to seek thrills are amazing. Even more so with this year that the world has seen, but we all need a break from normal life and the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Life can’t just be about working and paying bills, we need that release that makes us feel alive and excited to get out into the world.

If you’re a thrill-seeker then your life can be super exciting and you should never stop trying to find new ways to give yourself that fresh feeling of adventure. The thought of planning a new trip can be such a revelation and a well-deserved break from your normal life.

Maybe you’re looking for a new way to release some energy and you’ve been put onto paddle boarding through a friend, or you might be involved in this world already. This is an exciting new activity that seems to have taken people by storm and loads are flocking to try out paddleboarding. 

So What Essential Things Do I Need Before Going On A Paddle Boarding Trip?

If you’re planning a trip, the last thing you want is to forget something because you were lazy with your approach. It’s an absolute dream when a plan comes together and it all comes down to the preparation, so get excited and get involved in your plan and you will pull it off!

Equipment & Gear

It might seem obvious, but you can’t go paddleboarding without a paddleboard. Not just that, but all the other key things which are required to fully enjoy a paddleboarding trip and make it a success. You’ll need an electric pump, paddle, and your board itself. You need to ask yourself what sort of trip it is you are going on. Where will you be sleeping? Where are you traveling to and with who? This will then dictate what other equipment you need such as a tent, sleeping bag, cooker, and food supplies. Perhaps you’re sleeping out of your car or van with friends, so you’ll need plenty of fuel and other essentials to ensure you can get to and from your destination properly without issue.

A Route & Journey

By now you have probably sussed out the best paddle boarding spots that will give you what you need and don’t provide too much bad terrain. You need flat open water so doing your research effectively on the right places to paddleboard will pay dividends when you get there. 

If you’re traveling as part of a group or in a convoy, make sure everyone knows where they are headed and where to meet up if you get lost. You want the trip to be focused on fun and excitement, and getting lost does not fall into this category. So take your time, layout your journey, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Getting to your destination safely should always be your number one priority.

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Backup Plan & Safety

Ant type of activity involving water and going out to places on your own without rules always prevents a real danger. Never underestimate the power of nature and the water you go paddleboarding on. 

One second of silly behavior or lack of concentration can put your health and wellbeing at serious risk, so understanding what measures you can do to prevent this is an absolute must. Do you have all the safety gear you need? Have you got a first aid kit? Never leave the house without a contingency plan in case if something goes wrong. Ensure you have your mobile phone with the charger so you can call the emergency services if things go wrong. It’s not necessarily nice to think about but you always have to be mindful of the bad situations that can come about through extreme sports and other activities of that nature.

Give yourself a head start before your trip and set you and others properly. You want to have an amazing time so don’t neglect the fundamentals.

Photo by Matt Zhou on Unsplash.