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Firenze Card: The Only Traveler’s Card You Would Need in Florence

Firenze Card: The Only Traveler’s Card You Would Need in Florence

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From its magnificent architecture to its incredible collections of museums, Firenze card would give you access to just about anything in Florence for 72 hours.

There is a city in Italy that was built during the medieval period but still manages to attract thousands of visitors for its heritage, charm, and incomparable list of attractions. Yes, we are talking about Florence, the wonderful capital of the Tuscany capital; known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

The birthplace of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, and so on; it’s obvious that Florence is filled with a lot of great museums – showcasing the greatest works of its sons and others. Whereas, the architectural attractions include historical basilicas, churches, and plazas built following the Baroque architecture. It’s a wonderful shopping destination too, not least because of its world-famous craftsmen, goldsmiths, and designers. What sweetens the city even further is its amalgamation of both street food stalls and high-end fine dining restaurants. If you go just outside the city, you would also be charmed with the mountaineering landscapes, the olive groves, wineries, etc.

To make the experience as comfortable as possible, the city of Florence also offers a Firenze Card – a one-time purchasable ticket to almost every great attraction in Florence. Let’s learn about it in detail below.

What is a Firenze Card?

Firenze card is a specialized card designed to give one-time access to a huge number of tourist destinations in Florence. The attractions include more than 75 museums, buildings, parks and gardens usually frequented by tourists all year round. It costs €85 per card and offers 1 entrance ticket for all the attractions on their list. It also allows one child or minor aged below 18 free entries with an accompanying owner of the card, making it a great deal for parents.

For an additional €7, you can also upgrade your card to a Firenze card +, which offers unlimited use of public transportation in the city of Florence over the course of its validity. With a Firenze Card +, you also get an exclusive museum guide that could be beneficial in making informed choices.

How Does Firenze Card Work?

You can buy the card online or in different outlets found across Florence. Once activated, the card remains valid for 72 hours. This is very important, as depending on your travel plans, you may find so many destinations to cover in 3 days to be either overwhelming or awesome. Thanks to the app, you can now also purchase, activate, and keep your Firenze card on your phone, right at the palm of your hands. The card does all the bookings and reservations on your behalf so that you can enjoy express entry, without needing to wait in the queue.

While the Firenze card + also offers some commercial discounts, neither of them includes any places to sleep or eat. So, you have to make separate arrangements for those things.