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From Toronto To Montreal: The Ultimate 2023 Canada Bucket List

From Toronto To Montreal: The Ultimate 2023 Canada Bucket List

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Known for its great outdoors, Canada remains a top tourist destination. Canada boasts natural beauty from glaciers, mountains, lakes, and great forests. And the beautiful nature that you get to enjoy is almost unmatched worldwide.  

However, there is more to Canada than just the great outdoors. Canada also boasts of cities that are not only clean but also safe, friendly, and multicultural. The ease of transportation in Canada makes it a popular tourist destination. 

This ease cuts down the hustle of commuting from a city such as Toronto To Montreal to get in touch with nature without having to struggle. So, whatever your interest is, Canada won’t disappoint. But before you pack up and go, below is the ultimate Canada bucket list.

Witness The Niagara Falls

Perhaps one of the most popular scenic views, Niagara falls should top your bucket list. Here, you’ll witness three different waterfalls combined to form a gigantic waterfall. You can witness the majestic falls in various ways. Enjoy this scenic view from above by taking a helicopter ride. From above, you can enjoy the dramatic falls and the rainbow bridge. Alternatively, you can dine in the Skylon Tower or the Fallsview buffet restaurant, where you’ll get both great views of the falls and enjoy a great meal.

Experience The Indigenous Culture

For a life-changing experience, you should consider experiencing the indigenous culture in Canada. And with Canada being celebrated for its diversity, you can indulge in their practices, languages, way of life, knowledge, and food. You can book a tour full of explorations and great dining experiences that’ll leave you grateful and change your perspective on the indigenous people.

Road Trip Through Canada

If you love hitting the road, a trip from one coast to the other should be on your bucket list. Canada has a trans-Canada highway connecting all ten provinces with great spots to explore. 

You can have an itinerary of places to road trip through depending on your preferences for sights. Some great destinations include Icefields, Cowboy trail, Sea to sky highway, and Vancouver Island. 

Relax At Floating Wilderness 

When looking for places to stay, the floating lodge is a great spot. Here you can enjoy a remote and peaceful stay in the wild as you can view grizzly bears. Apart from grizzlies, you can take a mammal-viewing boat trip where you might spot leaping salmon and pacific white-sided dolphins. If you are worried about your safety, these tours have expert guides well-versed in the area. 

Visit Canada’s National Parks To Connect With Nature

Perhaps one to top your bucket list is Canada’s national parks. These national parks are a must-see if you enjoy nature, thanks to their unique features. Consider visiting Kouchibouguac National Park, that’s well known for its maritime charm, indulge in the wilderness of Yoho National Park, and marvel at the Canadian Rockies.

Observe The Aurora Borealis

Being one of the world’s seven natural wonders, enjoying the Aurora Borealis should top your bucket list. Here you’ll enjoy staring at the sky of swirling fuchsias, violets, and greens that are guaranteed to be mesmerizing.

These lights are worth the time, and it’ll be a shame to turn a blind eye to one of the exceptional creations. And at the end of the day, you get a great experience and amazing photos of the gram.

Hike The Canadian Rockies

If you enjoy hiking, Canada may have something new for you. So, going onto highway ninety-three, you’ll enjoy one of the greatest drives between icefields parkway, which connects Jasper National Park with Banff National Park. 

Afterward, you’ll enjoy a hike from the glacier and marvel at the glacier skywalk, which sticks out over the cliff’s edge. If you are an adrenaline lover, consider stepping onto the glass floor and enjoying the waterfall below. 

Enjoy The World’s Highest Tides In Canada’s Maritime

This picturesque scene is full of lighthouses over rocky coastlines and houses painted in primary colors. But the main part of adding this destination to your bucket list is due to the tidal range that’s not only high but also impressive. 

Observe the spectacular tides as the seawater flows in and out of the bay. Consider visiting Canada’s Maritime at high tide for the best experiences. And for the best view, visit the unique tide-worn formations that also offer whale-watching cruises. 

Enjoy Polar Bear Viewing

The town of Churchill is located on Hudson Bay and is well known as the polar bear capital of the world. Here, you can get access to see these majestic creatures. The bears gather here at the end of the summer and wait for the water to freeze before they can head out onto the ice.

If you are interested in polar bear viewing, book a tour. Note that you can get the best views from tundra buggies that are meant to handle the icy terrain, which provides a safe viewing for tourists. 

View The Beluga Whale Migration

While still in Churchill, you might get to tick something off your bucket list. Although this destination has plenty of other wildlife, watching the beluga whale migration is the main thing to add to your bucket list. 

If you are interested, consider visiting during the second half of July and the first half of August. This time is the best, as these whales migrate every July to feed and give birth. When going to view the whale migration, there are several ways to enjoy depending on your preference. 

For instance, if you hope to see belugas without getting into the water, consider booking a Zodiac tour. This tour will help you get closer to pictures and to experience the best. Alternatively, if you travel in larger groups, consider a passenger boat where belugas come up to the boat. Note that you can snorkel and get close to the whales or kayak to the belugas without getting wet. 

Bottom Line

Canada is a beautiful country full of natural beauty that ranges from mountains, lakes, forests, and glaciers. So, when making a bucket list, you have many options, thanks to Canada’s long coastline. Whatever you enjoy, Canada is guaranteed to offer you that and more. So, be ready to enjoy different true natural wonderful landscapes.