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Glamping 101: Best glamping tips for beginners

Glamping 101: Best glamping tips for beginners

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Glamping – enjoying the great outdoors on a whole new posh level! Every keen environmentalist and nature lover is not always so fond of some perks of traditional camping, but they simply desire to head out to the mountain or some remote place and enjoy peace and quiet. For that reason mainly, glamping allowed numerous nature enthusiasts to enjoy luxury camping with extravagant amenities, cutting edge equipment, and by having all the fancy perks they need. As a beginner there are a few things you should take into consideration before exploring the wilderness in this amazing way, and here are the essential tips to know.

What is glamping?

The term “glamping” is, simply put, a mix of words: “glamorous” and “camping”. This is a one-of-a-kind camping experience where people can enjoy the outdoors in super luxurious five-star hotel suites built in a sensations outdoor setting. However, you don’t need to go to a posh hotel to enjoy glamping, on the contrary. There are options to rent a luscious cabin in the wood, treehouse, teepee, airstream camper, or a luxuriously equipped tent that even comes with quality tent heaters. Glamping is an exquisite mashup of cozy and comfortable camping that will enable you to exude all the modern conveniences while you are outdoors.

Glamping vs Camping

If you desire to go glamping, firstly you need to seek destinations that offer camping accommodation which is utterly upscaled to a fancy, comfort level. Unlike classical camping where you would have a sleeping bag, plastic kitchen utilities, and use “nature” as a bathroom, with glamping you can have it all. For a perfect glamping getaway, you can rent a dazzling RV or a majestic tent and park or place it near a spa-like private shower. Not only that, but your tent may come with plusher and funkier cushions and mattress and top-notch cookware. Espresso machine, elegant string LED lights, artistic rug, you name it, you can have it.

What makes glamping different?

Unlike with traditional camping, you want to sleep under the stars just as if you are sleeping in your bed. The entire glamping setting should have that home “feel” with a touch of classy standards. A genuine glamping site should have solid wood or laminate floor setting, a real bed is a must (or a quality air mattress) decorated with real bedding and lush sheets, pillows, and blankets, of course. Next, you should have the opportunity to store food in a refrigerator or heat it in a microwave as some glamping sites have electricity as a perk. In contrast to ordinary camping, here you would have everything your heart desires to make your nature-stay feel like a dreamy ethereal feel.

What should you bring when glamping?

Even if this is a luxurious camping experience, you still must be aware that you are in nature and that you may not have all the things you are used to. To make your glamping stay even more fabulous bring headlamps, first-aid kit, and backpacking food. Check with the facility rental organization before you start packing, as most glamping sites have other amenities and utilities that you would need. If not, bring a few towels, toiletries, personal cleaning supplies, sun cream, bug repellent, and all the vital backpacking clothes.

Where can you go glamping?

From innumerable fascinating sites to go glamping, to get the most out of your stay you must choose the venue and glamping structure that suits your needs and preferences. Nowadays, you can find various types of glamping structures from traditional to extravagant. Bell tents are the most idyllic glamping structures as they can fit a beautiful and comfortable bed, a few chairs, kitchen and bathroom utilities. Teepees are the second-best option. Then, you can go to a mountain lodge, cabin or hut for a full-service, all-inclusive say and not hesitate on anything. In the end, if you are more adventurous you can rent a tree house or a Mongolian yurt.

Book your all-inclusive getaway to a remote natural spot and get the most out of your glamping stay. Glamping is a perfect blend of luxurious outdoor accommodation and exciting nature-inspired vacations, so if you choose glamping instead of classical camping, you will undoubtedly have a blast.