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How to find the best restaurant in a new city – 4 genious tips

How to find the best restaurant in a new city – 4 genious tips

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Every seasoned traveler, no matter where in the world, knows how to find the restaurant where they cook delicious meals at reasonable prices. Here are a few key tips that we’d like to share with you.

Avoid tourist trap establishments

Some of them may be beautifully furnished, and the meals in others may be eatable, however, generally speaking, the restaurants in tourist areas are no good. These places are usually more expensive and offer a fusion of boring European cuisine, along with one or two hastily prepared local dishes.

Look for a full house

Once you have escaped the tourist traps, look for a restaurant that is full of people. How full could a place possibly be on Tuesday, at lunchtime? Trust me, if they cook truly well, finding a table will be a challenge.

Flip through the menu before sitting down

It’s common practice for restaurants to display their menus next to the front door. Take a look at that before getting a table. If a restaurant’s focal point is the food, then they’ll have either an interesting and diverse menu or plenty of local dishes. Quality restaurants usually offer a long list of main courses, as well as an abundance of vegetarian dishes. Meals that contain vegetables are more challenging and time-consuming to prepare. That is precisely why you’ll find mostly meat-based dishes in those restaurants where the quality of food is not emphasized. Lower-quality restaurants will usually offer barbecue or meat with some sort of sauce.

Ask the waiter for advice

Now that you have found the best restaurant in town (with special covered dinner plates or some kind of special food), your next task is to select the tastiest meal of the day. It’s best to ask the waiter for some advice. A wide smile, two gaping hungry eyes and a request for the best local dish will do. You can even go on to say that you have been looking forward to trying the country’s local cuisine for a long time now, since you’ve heard so many great things about it. Let the waiter recommend your drinks and desserts as well. If you follow this advice, you will surely enjoy a memorable meal, complemented by excellent service. Wondering why we believe so? It’s simple – everyone enjoys being asked for advice, especially in areas where they feel they are an expert. What’s more, your waiter will feel good about having the opportunity to charm you with the best dishes from his or her own country.

As you are preparing to leave, don’t forget to share your positive impressions. Express your gratitude towards the waiter and chef, while savoring a soufflé, paella, or cacio e pepe. This is going to warm their hearts more than tips, blankets, or gunfire cocktails put together. Also, you’ll get bonus points with the chance that distributes people among the great and horrible establishments all over the universe.