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How to organize a midweek nature escape in 10 easy steps

How to organize a midweek nature escape in 10 easy steps

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The challenge: Don’t wait for the weekend, sleep in the wild on a weekday and still go on going to work.

Sleeping under the stars is the best way to get new energy and ideas for work. You can do it after you finish work and go back to the office the next day on time. If you find the idea adventurous and absurd – its only because not everybody does it. But I guarantee you will have а broad grin spread across your face the next morning. I live in a busy capital and I practice this weekday escaping every summer.  


> seasons: summer, late spring, early autumn

> types of travelers: couples, friends, solo

How to do it in 10 easy steps

Here is our usual scenario: 

#1 Choose the closest mountain, forest, hill, camping site or another wild location you love. It’s important to choose a place that is within a reasonable distance from your office (personally I prefer it to be no more than an hour drive away). 

#2 After work on a summer Tuesday take the bus to the the closest wild place where you can put up a tent. If there is no public transportation, go by car or by bike.

#3 Set up the tent before dusk. It’s proven that sleeping in a tent gets your biological clock back to normal.

#4 For a boost of courage and to keep bears at bay, take a vodka/whisky shot or whatever medicine you have against bears.

#5 Start a fire and grill some sausages. Alternatively, take a look at my favorite camping recipes ready for under 10 minutes. 

#6 [Optional] Some locals from the near village come to visit, you have a drink together and they leave, and you go to sleep in you bed under the stars.

#7 Get up at 7 am, have breakfast and pack your stuff. If you have a Sherpa around, give them your bags. If not, carry them yourself, awaiting better times.

What a glorious place to be on a weekday morning!

#8 Take the bus back to the city and take a quick shower.

#9 Enter the office on time, a broad grin on your face.

#10  Everything works out even better if you happen to have a shower at your workplace. If you happen to be camping near a waterfall, you can take your morning shower there. 🙂

Here you can read a detailed story of how I swapped my bed for a hammock last summer (all done on weekdays).

All photos: © Maria Angelova/ 203challenges