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How To Travel With Your Dog: 4 Useful Tips

How To Travel With Your Dog: 4 Useful Tips

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Traveling with your dog is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do as a family. Traveling together is not only interesting but also beneficial to both of you. Taking your dog on a new journey will provide him with new experiences, more exercise, and companionship.

The following tips will make your travel experience with your dog a more enjoyable and less stressful one:

Health and Vaccinations

You need to prepare all the necessary items before you travel. Make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations, has no parasites, and is in good health before you leave. Be prepared to prove these things when requested at border crossings or when staying at a hotel.

If you think your dog may need medication of any kind, be sure to have it on hand or a letter from a veterinarian explaining why he needs it and how much he should receive under what conditions. 

Be aware that some medications, such as tranquilizers, are not allowed in other countries.

If you know that you will be crossing the border, see what requirements you need to meet for that country. If your dog is not a citizen of that country, it may be denied entry. Some countries require that dogs have at least six months remaining on their current rabies shots and other vaccinations and should also carry proof of those things with them.

Use CBD oil to Help Calm Your Dog

If your dog gets anxious while traveling by car, you can use CBD oil to help calm him. CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that naturally occurs in hemp plants and has been shown to provide calming effects across various anxiety disorders in both humans and pets.

While some people have successfully used lavender essential oil to calm their pets, it can be tricky for dogs to metabolize correctly. It is best to use CBD oil that has been specially formulated for pets which you can order from Honest Paws.

Ensure that you have the proper dosage instructions for the oil and that you give it to your dog before you travel.

Traveling in a Crate or Carrier

While some dogs love to stick their heads out of the window while traveling in a car, others will find this terrifying and will try desperately to get out by any means. Using a crate or carrier for your dog will keep him safe during the trip and help calm him down.

You can use travel treats specially made for car rides to reward your dog while he travels in his carrier.

If you’re flying with an emotional support animal, you will have to take him out of his carrier and put him in a pet-safe travel bag. You should have one already made up for traveling by plane so that you can take it straight from the car to the security checkpoint.

Getting Used to His Carrier Before Travelling

Before going anywhere, take your dog to places as similar as possible to the location you will be going on holiday. For example, if you’re going to Europe, take him on a car trip through a busy city first, so he gets used to being in the carrier during traffic and noise.

If your dog loves being around people, it can be harder for him to deal with being in a carrier because he gets so excited when people come to visit. Take him somewhere quiet and away from any crowded locations before getting into the carrier, then take him straight home without seeing anyone else. A hike or nature walk would be perfect for this as it will allow your dog to burn off some of his excess energy.

If you train and socialize your dog before you travel and take the time to get used to his carrier, he should be fine traveling with you when it comes time for the actual holiday. Even if he does have a little anxiety or gets upset when in his carrier, using CBD oil will help calm him down.

Don’t forget that some veterinary clinics offer a hotel for pets. If you think that your pet will not be comfortable traveling with your thousands of kilometers, it is good to leave it in the hands of professionals.