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If the 12 zodiac signs travel in the same car…

If the 12 zodiac signs travel in the same car…

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If the 12 zodiac signs went on a journey, all crammed in the same car, looking through the same windscreen, things would probably get a little scary. But it would probably be a strangely unique lot of fun as well!

Here is what each zodiac sign would act like:

Aries would constantly change the music and keep hawk-like eyes on whether the driver is observing the speed limit, especially at those sharp turns, while talking all the time. However, if Aries gets the opportunity to sit behind the wheel, they would step on the gas every time a traffic light turns yellow and peek in the rear view mirror to mutter “Suckers!” to all the cars, left behind waiting out the red light.

Taurus is taking a nap in the back, because they have taken care of everything before leaving the house. Taurus gets anxious if someone is late and is brought to tears of horror if the guide book happens to be forgotten. Of course, this would never happen to the neat and efficient Taurus.

Gemini is sitting behind Aries, trying to change the radio station, to get the party started with a favorite track. Long before arriving at the destination, friendly Gemini has managed to find a friend of a friend of a friend to meet up once there. For the duration of the entire trip, Gemini is talking to everybody (often simultaneously) and is actively participating in everything that is happening in the car.

10 minutes after departure is the longest Cancer can hold off before breaking out a bag of sandwiches and devouring some. They are happy to tell everyone in the car about their new romance, while handing out homemade food. Cancer’s mood is like clockwork – changing precisely every six minutes.

Leo is talking away and over Aries, while trying to tell the story of his last epic road trip. They watch over everyone’s good time and gracefully guide the conversation to their own favorite topics, if one of the other zodiac signs happens to deviate. Leo insists on sitting behind the wheel and decides when the breaks should be because who could possibly know better?!

Capricorn and Virgo have their noses stuck in the map and are trying to calculate the most efficient route. They are taking turns behind the wheel, and whoever is not driving, takes the place of a scrutinous observer. As Virgo is taking a break from driving, he/she is busy wondering what has been forgotten at home, while picking up all the empty beer bottles and twinkie wrappers that are rolling around the floor of the car. Order must be restored!

Libra is chatting up everyone in the car, while using their phone to find fun places to visit at the group’s destination. Libra can also be spotted decorating the car, if they haven’t already taken care of that before departure.

Scorpio has a hat and sunglasses on and is enjoying some blissful relaxation. When they grow bored with that, they whip out a humongous camera and take portraits of everyone in the car.

Sagittarius is simultaneously talking into a phone and chatting up Gemini. Of course that cannot stop them from gawking out the window and insisting on a break every time something on the road seems even remotely interesting.

Capricorn insists on driving, taking control over the music and stopping for stretch breaks. Every now and then they provide the other passengers with “fun facts”, such as how long they have been driving for, how many hours they have left and the location of the next gas station along the way.

Aquarius keeps coming up with games to pass the time, or provides their companions with a painfully detailed review of the last book they have read. If Aquarius happens to hear a favorite track on the radio, they attempt to burst everyone’s eardrums by turning up the music, and starts dancing in the car.

Pisces are quietly sitting in the backseat, with headphones and a stare buried deep into the scenery. Pisces might also take a nap if they feel like it. But once awake, nothing can stop the entire car from bowling over with laughter – Pisces are stand-up comedy talents! Still, half the zodiac signs are unsure whether they should laugh at the jokes or take them personally. Pisces has forgotten half their things at home, but that’s perfectly fine, because everyone has already agreed to lend them something.