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International Beer Day – 3 simple ways to celebrate it

International Beer Day – 3 simple ways to celebrate it

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We challenge you: This Friday, have your first beer in the morning to celebrate the International Beer Day!

On International Beer Day, it is officially legal to cool yourself down with a beer early in the morning. Yes, it is a working day but holidays should be strictly observed, too. You can drink beer after work on any other day, and beer before/during work – only today, on the first Friday of August every year.

This is the day when thousands of beer gardens, bars, pubs, brewers and consumers from all the important UN member states celebrate with a “Cheers!” the existence of our favorite drink.

When: First Friday of August

Where: All over the world

As the tradition goes, here is what you need for a proper celebration of the important date:

1. Gather together enough of your friends to have a drink.
2. Say “cheers” to the health to all the men and women who work night and day to brew your beer.
3. Erase all state borders and all differences between nationalities by drinking beer from all over the world in the company of people from all over the world.

In order to provide you a language assistance for the implementation of the above mentioned action plan, we have prepared a short list of how to say “Cheers” in a couple of world languages:

Afrikaans (South Africa) – Gesondheid
Albanian – Gëzuar
Armenian – Genatzt
Burmese – Aung myin par say
Danish – Skål
Dutch – Proost
Finnish – Kippis
French – Santé
German – Prost/Zum vohl
Greek – Γεια μας
Hawaiian – Å kålè ma luna
Hungarian – Egészségedre
Icelandic – Skál
Italian– Salute/Cin cin
Japanese – Kanpai
Norwegian – Skål
Polish– Na zdrowie
Portugese – Saúde
Romanian – Noroc
Russian – Наздоровье
Serbian – Živeli
Spanish – Salud
Thai – Chok dee
Turkish – Şerefe
Ukrainian – Будьмо
Vietnamese- Dô/Vô