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Keep it clean while travelling

Keep it clean while travelling

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Even if you are not a germaphobe, travelling can seem kind of icky. You’ll be touching so many surfaces that are not sanitized regularly, and you may be travelling in transportation that isn’t kept very clean. There are some things you can do to keep yourself and your stuff clean as much as possible, to reduce the risk of infection and decrease the spread of germs. 

Pack Toiletries Separately

When you store shampoo, conditioners, creams, and lotions in your backpack or suitcase, there is a chance that they will be jostled around, crushed, smushed, and otherwise mishandled. If one of the bottles or tubes explodes, then you want to contain the mess and be prepared ahead of time. One of the things we find that work really well is to have each of your liquids and lotions packaged separately, in its own resealable plastic bag. This helps keep them separate, compartmentalize messes, and make cleanup easy to handle. 

Alcohol Wipes

You may not be the kind of person who keeps every surface in their house clean, hiring a cleaning service when you can’t clean your own home, but when you travel, you will likely come across some surfaces that just aren’t ever sanitized. Joanna from Same Day Cleaning Service Los Angeles suggests “Instead of risking the spread of germs, you can apply some alcohol wipes to the area in question”. Just have a few small packs with you so that you can keep one on your person at all items. That way, if you need to sit down somewhere questionable, hold onto a rail or use a dirty door handle, you can clean the surface fast and simply with some alcohol wipes. We are stressing that these need to be wipes with alcohol content, as that will kills a lot of the germs. This is more effective than a spray since you can use the wipes to wipe away dirt rather than just wetting it. 

Pack Dryer Sheets

Your clothes can get kind of musty smelling after a few days of travel. The longer you travel with the same suitcase and the same clothes, the more smell is going to be generated. You can keep a handle on bad smells by packing some dryer sheets and placing one or two in your suitcase (you can use work clothes, too). Just replace them every few days to keep all of your stuff smelling its best. This is ideal for when you are using the same shoes day after day and need to store the shoes in the suitcase with the rest of your belongings. You can control the smell and prevent any unpleasant smells from crossing over to your other clothes. 

Pack Your Shoes Separately

Your shoes will likely be dirtier than anything else you use regularly when you travel. You may switch between a couple of pairs of shoes for running, shoes for work, daily activities, fancy events, and beach days. You will want to store the shoes in a way that doesn’t allow the dirt to travel to other items in your suitcase. You can do that with large resealable bags or even product pages. Just have a couple of these stored in your suitcase and ready to be employed whenever you want to pack your shoes away.