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Las Vegas travel guide: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Las Vegas travel guide: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

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A week back I got an invitation to a friend’s wedding in Vegas which had me dancing for a good while. No, it’s not the friend-love oozing out here; rather I was more excited about the prospect of experiencing the enthralling life of the sin city. Catching a glimpse at the invitation card, my brain immediately started conjuring up images of bright neon lights along the Vegas strip, the endless line of some of the world’s top-class hotels and restaurants, notorious casinos and bars, boutiques and spas.

Having a list of never-ending options to explore, I had to sit down for a minute and plan a brilliant itinerary that did not miss anything.

Best Time to Visit Vegas:

Apparently, I didn’t have much of a choice in this respect, but, luckily, I landed in Vegas in the best of the seasons. I can’t thank my friend enough for planning her wedding in the beautiful, blooming season of spring. Arguably, the best time to visit Vegas is somewhere between spring and fall. The summer temperature of Las Vegas isn’t something anyone would happily endure. The sweltering heat confines you to your hotel rooms until evening and well, that means you’ve already wasted a good amount of time at your hand. Vegas McCarran International Airport hosts a wide number of flights to and from some of the world’s major metropolitans. So, getting there is nothing to worry about, at all. All you’d like to do is try your best to get cheap deals on your airfare, which you can easily do by avoid planning your trip around some convention. Lastly, get your bookings done early.

What Attractions Does Vegas Hold?

Las Vegas is one of those places that can never let you down in any sense of the word. Whether you are planning on a holiday, going for a convention, honeymoon or bachelor’s night, or like me, attending a friend’s wedding, the city has ample things that’d keep you enthralled through and through. While, a few years ago, the city was an adults’ favorite Only, being notoriously known for the gambling opportunities and thrilling nightlife, it is now sprawled with a myriad of other attractions and activities, including sightseeing options, adventure activities to indulge in, fine dining to experience, theme parks to visit and going on a shopping spree. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to take your kids with you, but caution. Keep them with you all the time and install a monitoring app on their phones that can tell you their current GPS location.

1. The Adventurous Souls:

I, for one, have been nurturing an adventurous soul since forever and hence Las Vegas was the perfect place to let myself go wild and free. The tandem skydiving adventure is something not to be missed out on at any cost. The adrenaline rush can’t be felt any better than at 10,000 plus feet in the air at the free fall moment. And, well, the adventure doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

For those of you who love water sports with an adventurous tinge, Rafting on Colorado River is just about the right thing. Plan an all-day rafting tour, you’ll get to see the Hoover dam as well as experience the captivating Black Canyon view. Guided rafting tours can be booked beforehand at a reasonable cost.
Red Rocks Canyon is another great place to have an adventurous outdoor picnic planned at. I love hiking and camping while appeasing my nature-starved appetite by looking at the wildlife and a Red Rocks Canyon tour offered all I looked for. If you’re on a honeymoon trip, you could very well have an option of touring around on a yacht or fly in a helicopter over the Red Rocks Canyon, making the trip all the more romantic.

2. The Serious Souls:

Even though I’m far from pigeonholing myself a ‘serious soul’, all of us, however, like to get the taste of history every now and then, don’t we? So, visit a few museums was a must on my list, considering a large number of magnificent museums in Vegas. Aside from Madame Tussauds, where one can get to see the waxed statues of some of the most popular and powerful people on earth, that we absolutely cannot miss visiting, Nevada State Museum is also a must-visit place, especially if kids are accompanying you, for the preserved ichthyosaurus can be looked at and pictured with, here. Neon Museum and the Car Museum were the two other outclass museums to make their way to my itinerary list.

Besides visiting Museums, the Smith Center for Performing Arts was also something on the top of my itinerary list; having somewhat literary and artistic soul within, I couldn’t have missed it. The amazing architecture and the lights sparkling the building set my mood for a rich artistic experience, the moment I caught the first glance.

3. Having a Funny Bone!

If you too want to tickle your funny bone without spending a dime, I’ve got something to tell you. There are a few free comedy shows out here in Vegas held regularly in the evening that can get a few laughs out of you; the best ones are Sapphire Comedy Hour and the ‘Laugh out Loud: Comedy Show’ at M Resort.

Eating Out At its Best!

Being in Vegas means I was in for a fantabulous, an almost dream-like dining experience with several new and modern theme restaurants with jaw-dropping designer interiors, owned by celeb chefs to classic old ones offering the best steaks and martinis in town. My passion for eating out was destined to make a dent in my pocket, but I believe it’s perfectly okay to pamper yourself once in a while.

Night Life:

With happening nightclubs, crowded pubs and classic bars offering a thrilling experience all night, the city doesn’t seem to sleep at all. From luxurious 26,000 square feet clubs with a magnificent ambiance to the ever-popular night clubs in Caesar’s Palace, there is no end to the ultimate fun one can have here; dancing the heart out on the catchy beats and meet some wonderfully adventurous people, ‘Life could not have been better’, I heard myself saying it pretty often. Go with the flow once in the Sin City and forget about the rest should be the ultimate motto, as What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

The Fremont Street Experience was being added on a friend’s recommendation in my list and glad he mentioned it or else I’d have missed out on a great deal. Visiting it at night to see the world’s beautiful light show, the theme presentation and attention-grabbing acrobatic feats by professionals was an experience worth a million.

Shopping Spree:

The Strip is lined with several shopping malls, hi-end designer boutiques, and vintage shops, the shoppers can virtually go all crazy out here. Quite a few discount outlets can be found as well to get souvenirs for family and friends back home.

Last but not the least, theme parks and strikingly beautiful aquariums can also be visited, if you’ve got ample free time at hand and accompanied by kids, particularly. You, for a change, could very well just stroll your evenings away in the picturesque gardens of Vegas, if you’re the quiet, literary type. Las Vegas is another name of diversity! You can never go wrong with your choices here. If you need a rent limo, party bus & charter bus – you can do it here – limo service.