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See the Stob Pyramids in Bulgaria at sunset

See the Stob Pyramids in Bulgaria at sunset

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The challenge: see the Stob Pyramids in a different light – they are especially beautiful at sunset or by moonlight.

Just 100 km from Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, near the village of Stob, are the Stob Pyramids – picturesque natural formations home to exciting legends.

This rare natural phenomenon is a result of the glaciers that once covered Rila Mountain. The pyramids were formed centuries ago, but their shape changes constantly due to erosion and decay. The pyramids are 6-10 m (20-32 ft) high and up to 40 m (130 ft) thick. Most are in the shape of a cone topped with stone hats.

The Stob Pyramids in Bulgaria | © Maria Angelova/

How to get there from Sofia

To get to the pyramids from Sofia, you will need to rent a car. Take the road to the famous Rila Monastery. Around 5 km (3 mi) after the town of Kocherinovo turn right to the village of Stob. There are signs to guide you through the whole village. The trail starts where the road ends – near St Procopius Church.  There is a tourist information center in the village, where you can ask about anything you want to know.

The winding eco-trail to the pyramids (with a total length of 1100 m/0.7 mi) starts here. It gradually gets narrower until it reaches the top. There is also an eco-trail for wheelchairs. The walk takes about 40 minutes and is worth every second, as it rewards you with a breathtaking panorama. From here, the Stob Pyramids look like a thick stone forest. It’s not hard to imagine that area enchanted with magic and fairy tale creatures.

The Stob Pyramids in Bulgaria | © Maria Angelova/

The legends of unfortunate love

All legends of this place are about unfortunate love. According to one of the legends, the place where the pyramids now stand once used to be a wide plain. Two lovers from the nearby village decided to get married, but the mother of the bride was against the wedding. She was so angry that she put a curse on all the guests, turning them to stone. The moment the groom kissed his bride, the curse came true and the whole plain was covered with most curious rocks.  

Another legend tells of the impossible love between a girl and a boy. The two lovers couldn’t live with their parents’ disapproval and jumped off the rocks. This is how the pyramid now known as The Bride came to be.

The pyramid we call The In-laws resulted from another failed wedding. The father-in-law couldn’t resist the heavenly beauty of the bride; he lifted her veil to kiss her, and at that moment all guests turned into stone.

Useful information

Make sure you bring comfortable shoes with you. Contact information: +359 879 130 338, Another 25 km (15 mi) into Rila Mountain is the biggest monastery in Bulgaria – Rila Monastery.

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