Traveler's Test

Tell the story of your personal travel challenge

Tell the story of your personal travel challenge

What’s the biggest travel challenge you have completed (from the “203 Travel Challenges” book list or something personal)?

Danced with a boa? Jumped off a cliff? Left everything and set off exploring the world? welcomes guest posts from travel bloggers and ordinary people who have something to say.


At least 300 words.

No copy-pastes (we double-check).

No texts that have already been published anywhere else.

Preferably, the text would go with a few photos from your experience.


Anything travel related from Indian snake charmers to underground cave experiences and tutorials how to eat Peking duck in Beijing. In return for your challenge, we will include a do-follow link to your blog + one social media.

How to send a travel story

Drop us an email at Include a link of your travel blog or other travel related page if applicable. Please note that due to the large number of emails we receive (and the fact that we are trying to live fully here and now more, and browse less), it may take us up to 10 days to reply. Thanks for your patience!

If you just want to share a photo from a challenge, send us a message оn facebook.

Happy travels!