What kind of traveler are you?

This test will give you useful, funny and interesting ideas on how to make your travels more enjoyable, according to your own personal interests.

There are no right or wrong answers. Just tick the statement which most accurately describes your preferences. (At least at this stage of your life… with time these may change ). The test has been specifically designed for this book by the psychologist Ilina Nacheva.

Be honest!

1. You often write down:

2. When communicating at work:

3. You go out for dinner. You prefer:

4. It’s your birthday and you are holding a wrapped present. You feel most happy when:

5. When you get together with friends:

6. A personal or family holiday is coming soon. You prefer:

7. What makes you feel tense:

8. People around you would most likely describe you as:

9. For you creating new contacts:

10. Is it true that you need only four to five close friends?

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