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The effective guide to planning a safe and enjoyable bike tour – Part 2

The effective guide to planning a safe and enjoyable bike tour – Part 2

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The effective guide to planning a safe and enjoyable bike tour – Part 1

What kind of bike are you using?

Most people take this question for granted but it’s essential when planning a tour. Choosing the perfect bike could be a tough call even for the pro cyclist. Lightweight or heavyweight, off road or on road experience, short or long rides. When choosing a bike, aside from the budget, you should consider the kind of tour you are about to venture on.

You may decide to buy or rent a budget tour bike, a tricycle for the elderly or an expedition bike. It’s completely individual, however, you should ask yourself various questions before settling for one.

Are you prepared? 

Before you embark on the tour, set your preferred start and end date and time. Cyclists love to cycle. Unless we have a specific goal or end date, the temptation to go on may blind us. However, those who cycle to achieve a goal, need the motivation to keep on going. 

Remember to pack a repair gear to help out in case you need a temporary fix or a quick repair. Enroll for a basic course on how to repair your bike. Check if the saddle is comfortable and the bike is clean. You should be good to go!

If you’re planning to take a route for several days, weeks or even a month, ensure your body is prepared for the challenge. Train daily to ensure you are comfortable with taking on long rides. Pack your necessities for the road – enough snacks, water, as well as a first aid kit. 

Don’t forget the route maps, your ID, other documents and enough money for the trip. 

Have fun 

Don’t forget that the primary reason behind your trip is to have fun. Plan multiple stops for breaks, lunch, to snack or just to rest. The bike gives you all the freedom other means of transport do not.

Allow the ride to excite you. Go at your own pace. Be mindful of the new places and feelings you get to experience. And have fun!

The rules 

Whether you are taking a ride within your comfort zone or visiting a foreign country, make sure you understand the local rules.  Some of the ones to check include:

  • Always use the established bike paths, it’s illegal to cycle on secluded pavements.
  • Beware of wild animals when riding on off-road terrains.
  • Bridleways can be used by bikers and cyclists, however, they should allow hikers and horse riders to pass first. What is more, the bridleways are often not suitable for all bikes.

Make sure you read the cycle code of conduct especially when riding in a new foreign place.

To sum up

Set on your journey. Some things you will have to figure out and learn on the go. Bottom line, when on the road – handle your bike carefully to avoid any unexpected repairs. Also, choose safer routes especially when going for a long-distance ride.

Cycling on bike paths or quiet routes, in parks or open spaces, your options are countless. Choose wisely and start planning!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sophie Elise is a passionate cyclist, author and blogger. Her favourite topics include exciting women biking stories, health, fitness, adventures and more. You can often find her work on