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Top 3 Foodie Experiences in Malta

Top 3 Foodie Experiences in Malta

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Looking for an unforgettable foodie experience that will indulge all your senses? The island of Malta is just what you need.

Beyond the pristine beaches and the small baroque streets, Malta offers a true taste of Mediterranean cuisine, with a pinch of Arabic and British influences.The vibrant restaurant scene presents a chance to try a mix of local favorites, Arabic exotic, and Italian and French delicacies. Here`s a quick list that will get your gastronomic trip started:

Maltese Rabbit

While in Malta, you must try the traditional rabbit stew – Stuffat tal-fenek. Islanders` love rabbit meat and like to cook it slowly, bringing its rich flavors.

This is the main dish usually eaten to mark a special occasion. If you wish to celebrate like a local, definitely try some rabbit – it could be stewed, fried with garlic or served in the form of pie.

The options are endless and found in most Maltese restaurants. Some of the best places to try a rabbit are La Pira and Caffe Cordina in the picturesque capital Valletta, Il-Merill in the seaside resort Sliema, as well as the family-run Zozi Bar & Restaurant in the lovely village Mellieha.

Tip: The rabbit stew is often served with seasoned vegetables like peas, carrots, tomato paste, and garlic. If you happen to dislike any of the ingredients (although it’s hard to hate peas!), look for recipe twists that are available in most places.

Seafood pleasures

Malta is an island, so it’s a shame to miss on the wide variety of fresh seafood available. The most preferred fish is lampuka (dolphin fish), normally consumed baked with tomatoes, onions, spinach, black olives and walnuts in the form of a lampuki pie, or tarta tal-lampuki. Most restaurants offer a wide selection of dishes containing fish and seafood. You can enjoy the varieties of pasta, or full your belly with seafood drowned in tasty Maltese wine and liquor.

For full authenticity, try seafood in Marsaxlokk, a beautiful port town in southeast Malta, or the less touristy resort Marsaskala.

Tip: The portions offered at most places are incredibly large by my standards (with around half a kilo food in a single plate). Order your meal with that in mind, so that food and money are not wasted.

Take a Pastizzi Bite

Malta’s national snack, pastizzi, is an absolute must-try. Stuffed with peas and spices, or ricotta cheese, these little triangular pastry bites are usually eaten between meals.

Most towns have their small fast-food outlets named pastizzerias, where pastizzi is normally freshly made on the premises. One of the most popular among them is Crystal Palace that is located in the historical and naturally impressive town of Rabat. Yet, the famous Maltese snack can be found literally everywhere on the island – from the capital Valletta to the smallest village.

Tip: The cheese lovers can enjoy the pastizzi twists with ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. It`s a little bite of heaven!

It’s your turn to enjoy Malta!

This short culinary trip to Malta is coming to an end (for now – Malta we`ll be back!). In the meantime, we challenge you to try some tasty Maltese food and share your photos with us. You can thank us later!