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Top 5 Of The Coziest Attics And Lofts You Can Rent During Your Next Trip

Top 5 Of The Coziest Attics And Lofts You Can Rent During Your Next Trip

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Regardless of where you’re heading for your next vacation or business trip, you must book your stay in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises. There are quite a few possible accommodation options, but nothing compares to a cozy attic apartment’s atmosphere. The modern interior design solutions can turn an attic into an incredible place to stay.

Various styles are trendy right now, including rustic, industrial, and loft style. The specific details they feature are best combined with visible roof structures and supports. Roof windows ( ) always add a special touch when an attic is redesigned and turned into a loft. The owners of such real estate know that they will attract many guests, which is why you can choose from similar estates listed all over the world.

Let’s look at some of the most attractive but affordable lofts and attic apartments you could stay at. Maybe you will choose one of them when planning your next trip!

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Skylight windows are usually placed where the roofline allows it, which is often limited to one or two sides of the property. This apartment, located in Prague’s beautiful city, boasts with roof windows on all four sides! The incredible coziness that radiates from these images could hardly be the same without the numerous roof windows bringing in so much light. Sometimes, the unconventional ideas bring great results, and the guests staying at this place can enjoy the surroundings from a different angle, literally speaking.

2. Berlin, Germany

Sometimes, the traditional approach is the path to choose when furnishing an apartment. This apartment’s style is different from the trendy styles and has nothing in common with the loft conversions that people love so much. A lot of the 80s style has been preserved here, which makes this listing a bit more interesting. The roof windows are a great accent, and the locations are another crucial feature all guests would appreciate.

3. Paris, France

The best entry on this list is saved for last! You are welcome to enjoy this fantastic place located in the heart of the French capital city. The key feature of the property is the endless line of roof windows. In fact, the whole design concept was created to combine wide glass areas and white walls and floors. The combination of modern roof windows, a specific roof structure, smart design elements, and a breathtaking view turns this listing into one of the most irresistible we have ever seen. Everyone who stays there even for a single night is nothing but lucky.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is an enchanting place to visit. Those who choose to stay in this particular apartment can enjoy the incredible views from a different perspective thanks to the roof windows. The feeling of waking up and feeling the sun rays on your skin is always a pleasure!

The apartment’s location is exclusive, but the roof windows are the one feature that gives the place a specific vibe. Any loft or attic is a lot cozier when a terrific view can be seen through its roof windows.

5. Pulheim, Germany

Most German towns’ atmosphere needs to be felt personally, as it could never be described with words. The endless variety of historical buildings, monuments, streets, and other locations are everywhere.

This cozy apartment is affordable and boasts with an incredible location. It offers fantastic town views that everyone would enjoy for sure. Needless to say, the roof windows play a significant role in the interior’s appearance.

Images: usnplash