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Travel tips for the busy traveler

Travel tips for the busy traveler

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The number of foreign places a regular individual gets to see in a year nowadays is not only unprecedented when we think of the mobility that people had fifty years ago, but it is also much greater than the totality of locations a man would visit in a lifetime. There are so many aspects of today’s society that made possible such a leap in lifestyle, from the accessibility of long-distance travels in ever shorter time spans to the excessive speeding of the rhythm of life that we’ve come to take it for granted. As a consequence, we embrace the condition of the constant traveler, always on a rush, multitasking all the way to the airport and all-through vacations, and forget that the stress that survives is merely a natural response of our organisms that didn’t have enough generations to modify their functioning such as to absorb the rapid pace of the fresh millennium.

It’s only evident that under these circumstances people need to counterbalance the anxiety levels of their ongoing busy lives, measured from one travel destination to the next, however, they can. Whiskey on the rocks and calming pharmaceuticals are the most common relief for most, but their side-effects turn out creating more problems than in the first place. In this context, CBD seems to be the perfect rescue of the busy traveler.

CBD relieving anxiety and flying phobia

There are more people in an airplane coping with their fear of flying than you could imagine. For many, the actual flight is a reason for enthusiasm, enjoying the inevitable rush of adrenaline that the pressure shifts when taking off, releases in the body. But, if you carefully look around at the passengers, you’ll notice a lot of straight faces, rigid grimaces of people trying to restrain their overwhelming emotions and glue themselves to the airplane seat as otherwise if left unattended, their phobias would make them jump and exit the plane as soon as they embarked. For these individuals, each trip is a tormenting experience in which they have to fight off all their senses and instincts, and most don’t get the chance to change their lifestyle in order to avoid their fear, or others take too many benefits from their journeys to simply give them up.

CBD is a natural way in which you can substantially lower the anxiety levels produced by confronting the fear of flying, a disturbing state of being that can be triggered while getting up the airplane stairs, but also in expectation, the night before or even days before the actual trip. CBD works towards the relaxation of your body, but most of all, it has a calming effect on the mind that survives its action of harmonizing the overall functioning of the organism. In other words, it doesn’t give you the courage to jump with the parachute, but it confers the serene state of mind from which any type of problem becomes manageable.

The flight phobia is the most evident distress when traveling by plane, but the whole endeavor is an anxiety booster. Turbulences seem to be a hassle for a lot of travelers that aren’t necessarily scared of cruising through the air, and the time spent in overcrowded agitated airports is as well increasing the anxiety levels of anybody, even if it were a Zen monk. To add up, the interminable cues and the pressure of TSA lines, are working aggressively on your nerves. By inducing a general state of peace and inner comfort, CBD can aid in all this inevitable airport hustle. You shouldn’t expect a radical improvement as making the whole thing as easy and pleasurable as a walk in the park, but for sure you will feel everything flowing more smoothly as you’ll have the chill and patience to navigate crowds and conveyors without getting affected.

For the busy traveler, CBD has an even more benefit, one that is most appreciated, and that is its ability of generating a clear mind-state in which you can easily multitask and keep focus on doing your work, answering emails and continuing with bits of your routine, even planning a project, while waiting in lines.

And yet, one of the greatest problems of frequent travelers is the jet lag, the unbearable loss of energy and balance that the body suffers when it swiftly changes time zones. Surprisingly, taking CBD is the most helpful way in which to guide your body towards the reestablishing of a harmonious internal dynamic. CBD is, in fact, giving your body the necessary input to work its way towards balance by itself.

The difference between CBD and THC

Both CBD, cannabidiol, and THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, are the cannabinoids of the Cannabis plant with the most efficient outcome on the human body, and subsequently, the compounds that have been most extensively studied in regard to their therapeutic properties. Out of the two, THC is well-known for the high efficiency and is to be found in ever richer concentrations in the Marijuana plant. On the contrary, CBD is non-psychotropic and although it can be isolated from any Cannabis variety, it’s been proved to be more valuable therapeutically when extracted from the Hemp, the species with a THC concentration of 3% at most. In other words, you can safely take CBD when flying without the prospect of having a paranoia attack that plane would crash or a psychedelic trip of intercepting a UFO while high in the air.

How CBD helps you ease anxiety

The way cannabinoids work is by targeting the endocannabinoid system of the human body, a large neurotransmitter system that is principally responsible for maintaining homeostasis through the regulation of sleep, mood, memory, pain response, and appetite. Along with ECS, the human body has cannabinoid receptors to which the cannabinoid of the Cannabis plant bind, as well as the organism’s own naturally produced cannabinoids. While THC binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD takes quite a different route, acting on certain compounds in the ECS, inhibiting or activating them in order to restore the adequate functioning.

CBD works by inhibiting the organism’s reuptake of serotonin, and instead of distributing it in order to accomplish a balanced state. The mechanism of relieving anxiety by infusing the body with this uplifting neurotransmitter is the same way in which many anxiety and depression pharmaceuticals work. The major distinction is that CBD, instead of artificially pumping the body with serotonin, is conferring the necessary impulse for the ECS to naturally adjust its production and intake.

What to beware if taking CBD when flying

As any type of medication, be it pharmaceutical or plant-based, CBD has side-effects, which occur independence of your body chemistry and its particular compatibility. Among the known, yet not often met, side-effects of CBD are drowsiness, diarrhea, mood and appetite shifts, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth. All of these can usually be managed by adjusting the dose, but this should point out that it’s better not to try CBD for the first time when embarking on a flight. It’s advisable to try this medicine at least a few days before to observe the way your body reacts, to inquire different CBD products and concentrations in order to know which works better for you.

Another problem that you’ll be met with concerning the transport of CBD by plane, is legislation. Although CBD products are legal in the USA as in almost all countries of the world, the illegality of THC and Marijuana, not only conveyed a bad reputation on all hemp-based products, but it also prejudiced the laws. As a consequence, it may be legal to buy CBD, but it’s illegal to travel with it in a lot of places. Of course, the law enforcing agents are searching for bags of weed, and are usually uninterested in teas and edibles, but you would want to watch out for unnecessary problems.

Extra tips for busy travelers

Either traveling for business or leisure, there are some aspects you can take care of to ease the airport hustle and avoid delays. Taking a few pieces of advice, which you would learn by yourself after tens of tormenting trips, will smooth and expedite your journey. As it follows, any professional traveler knows the importance of traveling light that considerably cuts down your waiting time, ensures priority check-in and helps you move lightly from one gate to another. You should also pack your jewelry, leave your metal belt at home and wear slip-on shoes, to pass quickly the TSA. Book a seat in front of the plane to get in last and get out first without being delayed till everybody arranges their luggage or respectively, takes it out. Last, but not least, use a traveling agent, this way the stress of preparing your trip is entrusted to a professional.

All in all, CBD will not miraculously dissolve all your problems and transform the whole flight travel into a fairytale experience, but it will provide a natural state of balance, in which anxiety becomes manageable and all issues appear as solvable. Moreover, the inner environment of calm and clarity gives you the possibility of making the best of your trip, be it by resolving small work tasks, not wasting time and energy, or by taking a breath and enjoying the interaction with others as well as the spectacular experience of flying through the air, instead of stressing about delays or unpleasant situations.