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When is the Walk to Work Day and how to make it fun?

When is the Walk to Work Day and how to make it fun?

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The challenge: Walk to work at least once… and then make it a habit!

If your morning commute includes rubbing shoulders with strangers on public transportation or sharing precious moments of grudge with other drivers in traffic jams, then maybe you need a little change. Choose a nice, sunny day and go to work on foot. The National Walk to Work Day celebrated in the USA and Australia (on different dates) is a good occasion to start but don’t stop there. Although it involves waking up earlier in the morning (ugh…), the higher energy levels when you arrive at the office may eventually convince you it’s a good idea.

When is the Walk to Work Day in the USA?

The National Walk to Work Day is celebrated on the first Friday of April in the USA. The initiative started back in 2004 and is promoted by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

When is the Walk to Work Day in Australia?

The National Walk to Work Day in Australia is an initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia and is supported by the Australian Government. It takes place in October or November (take a look at the upcoming dates here). In 2018, it is held on October 5, Friday. 

How to make it fun

  • Use Google Maps to calculate the exact distance from your home to your office. When not in a hurry, people usually walk at a speed of 5 kph (3 mph). If you live 6 km (3 mi) from your workplace – it will take you about 70 minutes.
  • Get up earlier than usual and put on comfortable shoes. You will hate this if your feet hurt.
  • Plan time for a coffee or a breakfast break on the way (you can prepare breakfast at home and eat it in a nice park).
  • Choose your route so that you pass through as many parks and quiet streets as possible – thus walking to work will be a genuinely refreshing and recharging experience.
  • Put on your favorite music in the headphones or just listen to the sounds of the city. You can also try this experiment: put on unusual music on your phone and see how your perception of the city changes when you listen to Buddhist chanting, classical music, or Ludovico Einaudi’s piano instrumentals.
  • If you walk to work anyway, change your usual route. Take different streets every day for several consecutive days, even if it means walking a bit further.
  • If you live too far and walking to work is impossible, then at least take off the bus/train a couple of stops earlier or park your car a few blocks away from the office. (or you can just use digital workspace :))
  • If you want to take this challenge to a whole new level, get up earlier than usual and do some sport before work. The perfect choice would be something you practice outdoors, like yoga, mountain biking or skiing (if you are lucky enough to have a nice ski slope close to the city you live in).

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Pin this amazing idea to your self-improvement board because it’s worth trying:

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