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Your Carbon Footprint When You Travel

Your Carbon Footprint When You Travel

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Did you know that when you travel, you can minimize your carbon footprint with the choices that you make?

You can make greener choices, have a better traveling experience, and help our planet in doing so. Global warming is a major issue, and the choices that we all make do have an impact, even if it’s a small impact. Today we are seeing more extreme weather patterns, with hurricanes, tornados, fires, and flooding, which are all a result of global warming. As individuals, the choice we make can help and the carbon offset programs that we can invest in will also make a difference. But the main culprit for the CO2 emissions is the industrial industries, and major corporations, as well as airline companies. They make up over 70% of all greenhouse gasses all over the world. The Paris Climate Agreement was created in 2015, and with over 100 nations the goal was to reduce carbon emissions and CO2 gasses.

 Individually we can all play our own part, we can buy greener products, and we can recycle more to reduce landfills. We can make our homes more energy efficient, with solar panels, and LED lighting. We can buy hybrid and electric vehicles. These are all greener choices, and that will lower our own carbon footprint, but how can we lower our carbon footprint when we travel?

Lower Your Carbon Footprint When You Travel

To lower your carbon footprint when you travel, you will need to make smarter choices on how will you travel, where will you stay, and what will you eat. By making the right choices you will lower your traveling carbon footprint, and you will also have a better experience. Making better carbon-neutral choices is not difficult but it can make a big impact. Traveling by car is now one of the greenest ways to travel, especially if you have an electric vehicle or even a hybrid vehicle.

In Europe, CO2 emissions were over 30% were caused by automobiles, but with electric cars and hybrid cars, this is lowering. By 2030 the automobile industry has to go electric, and this will improve carbon emissions all over the world. When you are planning your vacation or your business trip it can be expensive, and if you need some financial help you can use to get a loan to help you to pay for your vacation. Driving an electric car will greatly reduce your carbon footprint, and if you are going to travel, to lower your footprint even more, it is best to travel with friends.

Also traveling by train is one of the lowest carbon footprints, it will minimize your CO2 gasses to under one percent.

Travel By Air

An airline is not the most eco-friendly, in fact, is the least green way for you to travel, but if you have to travel by air, you should choose an airline that is committed to greener choices. Virgin Atlantic is making corporate changes in how they run, they invest in carbon offset programs, and the company is losing its carbon footprint. They are buying sustainable produce and organic food. They are using more recyclable products. They had a historic net zero trans-Atlantic flight.

Other airlines such as Air France, KLM, Jet Blue, and Alaska Airlines are all investing in carbon offset programs, and biofuel programs too. They are also investing in biofuel, and the company is making strong efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint. There are other airlines such as Air France, KLM, Jet Blue, and Alaska Airlines that are also operating in a greener way.

These companies are also investing in carbon offset programs, to help them to become more carbon neutral.

Hotel, House, or Apartment

Accommodations will also have a big impact on your carbon footprint, so it is important to know what you should do. If you should stay in a hotel or rent a home, these decisions will all impact your carbon footprint and give you different experiences.

There are plenty of eco-friendly hotels, and they are a great option for you. Or you could even go to an eco-resort. But staying in a hotel or a resort is different than living within the community. These are both great options, to stay greener on your vacation.

Generally, hotels are not the best place to stay if you want to reduce your carbon footprint when you are traveling. Renting an apartment that is furnished, or a home, are much better ways for you to control your carbon footprint. You can turn off the lights, do the laundry when you want to, and unplug appliances that you are not using.

When you are staying in a hotel, you do not have any control over these things, so when you want to be more carbon-neutral, renting an apartment or a home is a greener choice. When you are renting a home, you can go shopping at the local markets, buy local produce, and only use recyclable containers. Live a greener vacation, and have different experiences. You will also be able to visit the local stores and the local restaurants, this will also promote the local economy, with is also good for the environment.

When staying in a house or an apartment, you will need to pay for your security deposit upfront, and the stay can be expensive, if you need help can help you finance your vacation. Staying longer in one location, really getting to know the place, and living like a local, can change your whole vacation experience. Itis is also more economic to take fewer flights as well as be more eco-friendly.

If you can avoid taking multiple flights or avoiding going to a different location by plane, this will help you make your vacation greener, staying in one location, instead of visiting different ones is better for the environment. The choices that we make when we travel, can have a big impact on our environment, but with some eco-friendly choices, we can all do our part.