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About us

203 Travel Challenges is an independent travel media with a focus on traveling as a personal development tool.

The 203 Travel Challenges project has one major aim: to make you do at least one thing you’ve never done before – and you’ll never be able to stop expanding your world. Our mission is to supply you with ideas and inspiration – from the most amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences around the world to seemingly obvious everyday activities spiced up by challenges. Start with our pocket challenge book “203 Travel Challenges”.

And here’s a quick peek behind the curtains – who is challenging you and why:

Ivalina had to write her own description but, as a typical boss, she assigned the task to her Creative Department. We can compare her to a locomotive (Ivalina, do we get promotion now?).

Fun fact: she is not allowed to drink coffee in the office because the resulting hyperactivity puts her team’s lives in danger.


Maria is a 20-something traveling disaster roaming the world. She’s crazy about mirto from Sardinia, speaking in foreign languages (mostly if she can’t) and studying fortune-telling. She’s one of the founders of and, god forbid, its editor-in-chief.



Marina has big green eyes and a contagious smile. She is a traveling wine aficionado who dreams of Eternal Summer. Unlike Joey Tribbiani who doesn’t share food, Marina loves sharing her wine and nibbles with friends. Excited to be a particle of



Alex, a.k.a. the Anti Tourist, always finds the negatives of a destination and then falls in love with the place precisely for these negatives. He loves to hate and his anarchistic soul can’t be trapped in the frames of classical destinations. He usually hits the road with his travel companion, Jack. Jack Daniels.



Bobby has nothing to do with this website but we still keep him because of his drinking abilities (sometimes we use his qualities to win bets in bars). He is a true discoverer. Years ago, he discovered that he could book his own air tickets and we haven’t seen him ever since. In fact, you can’t see him either. Maybe he’s just next to you right now.



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