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5 cheap tropical trips for true explorers

5 cheap tropical trips for true explorers

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Dreaming of flying away to a tropical beach?

But the numbers in your bank account keep discouraging you.

Don`t give up on your dreams. Find alternative solutions. Inspired by that motto, we compiled a list of affordable tropical getaways you need to know about:

1. Belize

Belize is one of the cheapest South American destinations. Its largest island Ambergris Caye attracts divers from all over the world. And for a good reason. The island`s coral reef is one of the largest and most diverse on a global scale.

San Pedro is also pleasing the traveler with its laid-back vibes and low-budget accommodations. Longing for an ultimate escape? Head to Placencia – a tiny fishing village on the country`s southeastern side, boasting with a 16 -mile coastline and exquisite seafood restaurants.

2. Jamaica

Fancy a trip to the Caribbean sea? Don`t miss on sunny Jamaica. Blending the indigenous Taíno culture with African, European, Chinese, Indian, and Lebanese influences, the 2.9 million island is a paradise-like spot for every true explorer.

From the breathtaking Dunn`s River Falls to the picturesque blue lagoon in Portland, the island has a lot to offer. For cheaper lodging options, swap the luxurious Montego Bay with the chilled-out Negril. The coral reefs and the crystal clear beaches come as a free bonus.


3. Portugal

Europe has its own secret beaches for adventure and detachment. Portugal`s Praia do Baleal beach is just an hour`s drive north of Lisbon. Bathe in the crystal-clear lagoons, chill on the secluded rocks or go on a wild surfing adventure.

Alternatively, opt for the solitude of villages like Azenha do Mar, where you can explore sacred monasteries, ruins and striking quiet beaches. But the best part is that Portugal offers affordable campings and apartments, as well as budget-friendly seafood.


4. Goa, India

The Indian state is a perfect mix of beautiful beaches, local traditions, and colorful flavors. South Goa is more peaceful and naturally stunning, whereas the north will charm you with its cosmopolitism and creative cuisine.

The popular Anjuna and Vagator beaches are catering for a lively but overcrowded experience. On the other hand, Ashvem-Mandrem vibe is blissfully relaxed.


5. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Reach the heavenly island by taking a cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh City. The unspoiled remote beaches and the affordable resorts around the Mekong Delta make for a great value tropical vacation.

The region has 150 kilometers of coast covered with snow-white sands and an average temperature of about 27°C. Not to mention the impressive ecosystems, luring the nature lovers with around 108 species of corals, and 135 species of coral reef fishes, as well as the rare populations of hawksbill and green turtles.


Ready to land at a paradise-like spot? Get creative. Book a cheap plane ticket and take off.