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Shakespeare tour: Ultimate Guide to Verona

Shakespeare tour: Ultimate Guide to Verona

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Shakespeare is one of the widest heard names. Right beside it, we have Verona as the charming little city made famous by his masterpieces. Those who have visited it know that the city is as charming as it is presented. 

This is a dream come true for every student who enjoys the written word and Literature. If you are in college and are looking for your next travel destination, it’s time to organize your school assignments and get the well-deserved rest – in one of the most beautiful places in the world! 

About Verona

Also known as The City of Love, Verona is best known for its association with the most popular love story in the world, written by Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is the most read, most discussed, and written story in literature circles. Visiting this place will give you an insight into what inspired Shakespeare to write his masterpiece. Before you get there, learn more about the story by example. You can read more, and find amazing pieces on Romeo and Juliet here. Imagine what kind of essay you’ll be able to write when you see the city of love painted in this story!

Verona is the fourth most visited city in all of Italy and one of the top-rated destinations worldwide. It’s the largest city in Veneto with a huge economic success. They owe this success to the location (Verona is set at the crossing of Austria and Germany’s major routes to central Italy, and near Trieste and Venice from the west), Shakespeare, and the amazing architecture.

Getting There

Romeo and Juliet is just one small portion of what Verona represents. It’s a major wine hub with the largest exhibition for wine in the world, held in April. It’s also home to amazing architecture and culture. 

Verona is the most crowded from May through September. If you wish to avoid the crowds, the ideal time to visit is in May, June, or October.

There are many ways to get there. The city has an airport called Valerio Catullo. It is also accessed by many trains and buses. If you visit Venice, you can hop on an affordable train and spend a day in this amazing place.

Discovering Verona

Here are some main attractions that you should place in your itinerary before you get to Verona. 

Casa di Giulietta

No guide for this city will exclude visiting the most iconic scenes of the lovers in Shakespeare’s writing. Juliet’s house is located on Via Cappello, marked with many signs and filled with people. The small tunnel that leads to the courtyard will take you to an unforgettable building. The tunnel is covered in handwritten notes and gums by couples who decided to leave a mark in one of the most romantic locations in the world.

Despite the story being made up, this 14th-century mansion is believed to be the house of Juliet. Verona bought this house from the Cappello family in 1905. Make sure to line up for a selfie on her balcony, and rub the breast of the bronze sculpture of Juliet for good luck. 

Casa di Romeo

Unfortunately, Romeo’s house is now a privately owned home. But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to the location on Via Arche Scagliere and see the small 13th-century house from the outside.

Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra is the home of the 1st century Arena di Verona, the third largest arena in Italy right after the Colosseum and the Capua arena. In the summer, this square is the venue for the Arena Opera Festival. It’s also the location of the 17th-century palace called Gran Guardia and Verona’s City Hall.

Piazza Delle Erbe

If you are up for a gorgeous architectural spot, you should find your way to Piazza Delle Erbe. This is the heart of the city. At the Piazza stands Domus Mercatorum, the Torre del Gardello, and Palazzo Maffei. Not to mention, it’s the spot where you’ll find the perfectly frescoed Mazzanti Houses. 

Right at the center, you’ll see a very popular medieval fountain topped by a Roman sculpture called the Madonna Verona. And of course, there’s the 275-foot tall bell and clock tower called Torre dei Lamberti, offering stellar views of Verona. 


Final Thoughts

If you have the opportunity to visit this city, grab it! There are many amazing things to see there. Collect the sights that lie along River Adige, visit the medieval Gothic castle Castelvecchio Museum, enjoy a delicious ice cream in Piazza delle Erbe, and shop in Centro Storico’s stores. Have an amazing time!