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Travel to Moscow

Travel to Moscow

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To travel to Moscow, Russia, you will need a valid passport, Russian invitation, and a Russia visa, which can be obtained through the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country or through:

You can fly to Moscow’s main airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), which is located about 30km northwest of the city center.

Once you arrive in Moscow, there are several options for getting around the city, including the metro, buses, trams, and taxis. The metro is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get around, and it is very easy to navigate.

It is also important to note that Moscow is a very large city and some tourist attractions are far from each other, so it is recommended to use a combination of metro and walking.

Also is recommend to check the weather before your travel and pack accordingly, temperatures in Moscow can drop below freezing during the winter months, which last from December to March

Tourist Attractions in Moscow

  • Red Square: This iconic square is home to iconic landmarks such as the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the GUM department store.
  • The Kremlin: A fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, the Kremlin is the official residence of the President of Russia and contains several palaces, cathedrals, and museums.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral: This colorful and distinctive cathedral is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The Tretyakov Gallery: One of the most important art museums in Russia, the Tretyakov Gallery houses a vast collection of Russian art, including works by famous artists such as Ilya Repin and Vasily Surikov.
  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts: Another must-see art museum, the Pushkin Museum boasts an extensive collection of European art, including works by famous artists such as Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh.
  • Bolshoi Theatre: A world-famous opera and ballet theater that has been a cultural symbol of Russia for over 200 years
  • Moscow Metro: The Moscow metro is not only a way of transportation, also is a tour by itself, many stations have unique architecture and decorations
  • Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory): This viewpoint offers panoramic views of the city and the Moscow River.
  • Izmailovo flea market: This market is a great place to find souvenirs and traditional Russian crafts at reasonable prices.
  • Gorky Park: a large public park in Moscow that offers a wide variety of activities, including rollerblading, ice skating, and boat rentals.

Local Food

  • Borscht: A hearty soup made with beets and various vegetables, often served with sour cream.
  • Blini: Thin pancakes made from flour, eggs, and milk, typically served with caviar, sour cream, or smoked salmon.
  • Shashlik: Grilled meat skewers, typically made with pork or lamb, and often served with a variety of side dishes.
  • Olivier salad: A traditional salad made with boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, and pickled cucumbers, mixed with mayonnaise or a sour cream-based dressing.
  • Pirozhki: Fried or baked pastries filled with meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Kvas: A traditional non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented bread, which is low in alcohol but high in carbs and calories.
  • Vodka: Russia’s national drink, most vodka is made of wheat, rye, or potatoes. There are many brands and types of vodka which you can try.

You can find these dishes in traditional Russian restaurants or in street food markets, as well as in some fine dining restaurants.

In conclusion, Moscow is a city with a rich history and culture, and there are many things to do and see. From visiting iconic landmarks like the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral to exploring art galleries and museums, there is something for everyone. Visitors can also enjoy the city’s beautiful architecture, from the grandiose Moscow Metro stations to the historic Bolshoi Theatre. Additionally, Moscow is home to many parks and green spaces, such as Sparrow Hills, where visitors can take in panoramic views of the city. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or just taking in the sights, Moscow is a destination that should not be missed.