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5 places to visit if you want your dreams to come true

5 places to visit if you want your dreams to come true

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We challenge you: give destiny a hand in making your dreams come true

Sometimes your dreams need a bit of help to come true…

You don’t have to wait for a shooting star to make your wishes come true. There are plenty of places around the world which were made for rubbing, grinding, leaving coins and gifts, with the sole purpose of your most intimate desires coming to life. Let’s see where, what and how.

1. Whatever you want: The Erawan shrine in Bangkok

The Erawan shrine was erected in 1956 as a part of the national hotel Erawan, to neutralize the bad karma which, according to the locals, was accumulated because the hotel’s foundations were laid on the “wrong” day. The series of fatal incidents on the construction site came to an end when an astrologist’s suggestion led to the creation of a statue of the Phra Phrom God. The sanctuary is easily noticeable, as it is always covered in flowers and candles. They say that you need to leave a gift if you want a wish of yours to come true. Often you can see dancers performing next to the shrine – they have been hired by people who are hoping to have their wishes fulfilled.

How much does it cost: It’s free – it is up to you what gift you ll leave.

2. Love: Juliet’s House

Juliet’s house is a classic, if your secret desire is love. It doesn’t matter that Juliet never actually existed, she has the world-famous power of lighting fires in people s hearts, and even keeping the flames alive. Or so it seems at the entrance of her house in Verona, where the walls have been covered by pieces of paper, with names and dreams on all kinds of languages. This paper wall has collapsed a few times due to its weight. Go a bit further inside the house, into the yard, and you can line up to rub Juliet’s right breast for luck.

How much does it cost: Entrance to the yard is free of charge.

3. Whatever you want: The Wishing Bridge

In Jaffa, Israel, they have a Wishing Bridge, with figurines of all the zodiac signs. People say that if you touch the figurine corresponding to your zodiac sign, and stare into the sea, your wish will come true.

How much does it coast: It’s free.

4. Health: The Iron Pillar of New Delhi

This pillar is more than 1,600 years old and even the fact that it still stands is a miracle in itself. It remains a mystery how an iron pillar has managed to survive this many centuries in such a humid climate without falling prey to corrosion. They say, however, that the pillar will take care not only of its own needs, but of yours as well. All you have to do is walk around it and think of your wish. The pillar is located in the yard of the Qutb Minar mosque.

How much does it cost: You have to pay 250 rupees (about 3 euros) to enter the Qutb complex.

5. Money: the Wish Tree on Isle Maree

In the Scottish lake Loch Maree, there are a few islands, one of which is home to century-old oak trees. One of those oaks is different – they say that it’s magical and whoever squeezes a coin under its bark, will become rich. You can probably imagine what the tree looks like today – with thousands of coins piercing its bark. The truth is, however, that the original Wish tree, in which even Queen Victoria left a coin, rotted away long ago due to copper poisoning brought about by the numerous coins in its bark. Its substitute will probably suffer a similar fate.

How much does it cost: About 20 euros for a boat trip to the island.