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Nantucket- Attractions for A Weekend

Nantucket- Attractions for A Weekend

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Nantucket features on the must-visit places list of many avid adventurers. It is not hard to see why, as this island is home to various attractions. The climate also works to its benefit.

If you want to visit Nantucket, you can rent a vacation home. Most people are going for vacation homes as opposed to hotels as they are cost friendly and have a homely feeling.

So, you are in Nantucket, and the weekend is nigh; what is there to do? You can engage in several activities as you explore this island.

Let us look at Nantucket’s attractions that will keep you busy over the weekend.

The Nantucket Whaling Museum

The island was a significant whaling hub around the 18th century. You can relive the good times of Nantucket by visiting the whaling museum and learn how the island flourished.

It is the place to be if you are a history buff. The items on display are whale oil in special jars, a Fresnel lens, harpoons, and a whaleboat. 

You may also check on Nantucket’s timeline display to educate yourself on how the island grew over the years.

A View of Nantucket’s Beaches

Being an island, Nantucket has plenty of beaches where you can hang out and bask in the sun on a lazy weekend afternoon. Watching the expansive oceanic background has a mesmerizing effect that will calm you down.

Beaches to visit are Madaket, Jetties, Francis Street, Surfside, and Fisherman’s. They have the perfect ambiance for relaxation, and you may even pull out your canvas if you are an artist and capture the scenic view before you.

Sanford Farm and Ram Pasture

At times, the best way to spend your weekend is to move away from civilization and take a walk in the wilderness. If that sounds like a good plan to you, you will enjoy the essence of Sanford Farm and Ram Pasture.

The history of this place dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries when it was grazing land for sheep. Presently, it is a hiking and biking trail. You can bring your bike and enjoy the warming vastness of Sanford Farm.

Sites you will encounter during your walk or ride are grassy patches, a view of the ocean, and the Hummock Pond. Bring your camera along to capture the beauty of Sanford Farm and Ram Pasture.

Cisco Brewers

How about a mug of freshly brewed beer on a hot afternoon? It is a welcome idea if you are not a teetotaler. Cisco Brewers will sort you out, turning an otherwise dull day into a beautiful experience.

While at it, you will meet people from different walks of life who also want to have a great time on the island. 

Besides beer, you can have wine, spirits, or hard tea. Pick your favorite and enjoy the fantastic weather and environment.

Bartlett’s Farm

A farm tour is a welcome idea, mainly if you are into organic farming. Bartlett’s Farm has such tours and is well known for its juicy tomatoes, among other niceties. You can walk on the farm as you experience the freshness of the produce or take a tractor ride. Optionally, you may go for the flower tours.

After seeing the farm, you can have a meal. Bartlett’s Farm kitchen has a diverse menu. The coffee menu has espresso and other drinks, which you order before 1-pm. Also, there are sandwiches, soups, and salads which you may have for breakfast or lunch.

Surfing in Nantucket

You will see many surfers on the beaches waiting to take on the waves. Get your gear on if you are a surfer and wait for the next big wave. If you are new to surfing, you can enroll in the many surfing schools.

You can get your gear from several surfer shops, such as Force Five Water Sports, Levitate Surf Shack, and the Nantucket Surf Club. 

At the beaches, like Surfside Beach, you will meet pro-surfers who can give you a dose of how it feels to be on a wave.

Brant Point Lighthouse

Nantucket has plenty of lighthouses, most dating back to when it was a key whaling center. Brant Point Lighthouse is one of the remaining lighthouses. It has been through several renovations to have it in okay shape. It represents the history of the island.

Brant Point Lighthouse is an amazing spot for photography. You can take several shots of this imposing structure to diversify your portfolio. 

For artists, the lighthouse is an ideal muse for a painting to capture the calm feeling of Nantucket.

Golfing at Miacomet 

Golfing on a Sunday afternoon is a great idea. The Miacomet golf course is a great facility, with 18 holes. It is close to the town center- only 3-miles away. If your vacation home is around town, access will be effortless. Apart from teeing in the golf course, you can make new friends.

Book Reading at the Nantucket Atheneum

Are you an avid book reader? If yes, you should visit the Nantucket Atheneum, where you get books for different ages covering various subjects.

 You can build a reading culture in your kids by going to this library over the weekend and peruse various sections. The place is peaceful, and you can borrow books or even volunteer.

The atheneum is open all days except on Sundays. Confirm the schedule and opening times before your visit.

Closing Remark

Nantucket is home to several attractions, meaning there will be no dull day for you on this island. A weekend in Nantucket presents you with a chance to explore all its niceties. 

Highlighted above are some of the key attractions and things to do when in this former whaling hub.

A hike, chilling on the beaches, visiting museums, and surfing are among the interesting things to do. You can also try out the delicacies offered by the many eateries, especially in the town center.