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Traveling To Ireland? This Is Everything That You Need To Prepare

Traveling To Ireland? This Is Everything That You Need To Prepare

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Whether you’re traveling to Ireland alone, with a friend, or traveling with family, there’re plenty of ways you can enjoy the magical country that is full of wonder, history, and fun. 

Arguably one of the best all-around travel destinations for families. Visiting Ireland could be a rich experience as many things and places you’ll love about the country. Truly, no one ever walks away unhappy from Ireland.

Traveling to Ireland however comes with its difficulties, from the Irish weather to know what to pack, to other peculiar struggles. Here, we want to give some tips and advice on everything else you need to have a phenomenal experience while traveling to Ireland 

What is the currency used in Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland uses the euro (€), while Northern Ireland’s currency is the pound sterling (£). While it is best to have cash when you’re driving in the countryside, It’s relatively easy to find ATMs in big cities.

A great tip to ensure you get charged less on the exchange is to ask for it to be in Euros or Sterling when shopping. Also, go with your bank debit card, Visa, or Mastercard as American Express is not used here.

Different driving rules

You are likely not going to be driving, but you can if you’d like to get behind the wheels. Just make sure that you have travel insurance in case anything unforeseen happens. 

Although, there is no legal requirement for tourists to buy insurance in order to travel to Ireland, neither airlines nor immigration will ask you for it. But you never know what could happen abroad. If you check this post at, you will have a much better grasp of all things required for an eventful Irish trip without any hassles. The traffic in Ireland drives on the left. This might not be very difficult to get used to while driving, ensure you LOOK RIGHT when crossing the road. In big cities, most major intersections have big bold inscriptions “LOOK RIGHT” on the pavement. This is a reminder for foreigners and tourists. Although, on getting out to the country, you’re on your own.

Tipping is not required

Strong tipping culture is lacking in Ireland, not because of great wages or anything like that, it just doesn’t exist. Giving tips to bartenders, taxi drivers, or fast food/counter service are unnecessary. Even though as a friendly gesture, you might use your discretion to tip those you feel have provided an excellent service. It’s always going to be appreciated, even if not expected.

Border crossing from Ireland to Northern Ireland

For those that don’t know or get confused by this, The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are on one island but are two entirely separate countries.

There are no formal borders separating Ireland and Northern Ireland. One of the easiest ways to know this is you will notice that in Ireland they use kilometers per hour, while Northern Ireland uses miles per hour. It is important you know the difference so you don’t get a speeding ticket.

Also if you plan to rent a car, ensure you tell the car rental company you plan to cross the borders. 

What to pack:

  • Pack for Any Weather 

The weather in Ireland is unpredictable. Some days might be hot and then quickly followed by a cold spell. Pack clothes for every type of weather. Light waterproof jackets, umbrellas are essentials and also get shoes that will not get soaked when packing for Ireland. And oh, it might be sunny so don’t forget the sunglasses!

  • Bring with you an adapter that works for all your devices. 

For Ireland, the associated plug type is G, which is the plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Bring an adapter, plugs in Ireland are three-pronged and the electricity supply is 230v/50hz.

Places you can’t afford to miss

  1. Northern Ireland

Is this your first trip to Ireland? You’ll likely consider the decision to either visit Northern Ireland or spend more time in Ireland. The answer is simple. You should go to Northern Ireland.

You can stop at Portrush, a cute coastal town with a vintage amusement park and miles of beaches, we highly recommended this for families.

  1. Belfast

Several people had a negative impression of Belfast before visiting. But be rest assured, you’ll be wrong. You should include Belfast in your Ireland road trip itinerary, it has a lot to offer.

The Titanic Belfast is mighty impressive. A museum to Belfast’s maritime heritage, on the site where the RMS Titanic was built. It’s a fun tourist attraction.

Other places worth visiting in Ireland include Blarney Castle, Cobh, Cliffs of Moher, the Wild Atlantic Way, Giant’s Causeway, and Dublin. 

Believe the hype. Ireland is the perfect family travel destination. If Ireland is not already on your travel list, include it.