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8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling

8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling

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If you’re even a tiny bit into skincare, you probably have a mini-crisis when you have to pack for a flight. All United States airlines have a maximum container amount for products, which means you’ll have to either go without, buy a travel size, or go without. To ensure your skin doesn’t feel neglected and rejected on vacation, use these 8 tips to keep your skin healthy while traveling.

One: Pack Your Favorite Plant-Based Products

Plant-based skincare contains a lot of benefits for all skin types because they’re made up of nourishing and gentle ingredients filled with antioxidants and vitamins. For example, Tata Harper’s organic oils are lightweight and perfect for targeting visible signs of aging. Most plant-based skincare is cruelty-free, so you can feel good knowing you’re protecting animals.

Two: Keep The Same Routine

Deviating from your regular skincare routine can produce multiple disastrous effects. From eczema to irritated skin, most travelers will suffer from acne breakouts when they return home. When on vacation, most of us will neglect to keep a skincare regimen or switch our products to avoid baggage fees. Keep your routine to manage any skin conditions while traveling.

Three: Travel-Sized Products

Prepare a week ahead of time and purchase all of your products in a travel-sized container. Most airlines will let you use your own small containers to put your skincare items in, like your cleansers, serums, toning mists, and creams. Don’t ever go to the airport with full-size products, or you’ll be asked to place them in your check-in bag or to throw them out immediately. 

Four: Use Cream and Sunscreen on the Plane

Always wear cream and sunscreen while on the plane. You can still get a sunburn by sitting next to a plane window. In fact, you’ll burn quicker than you would if you stood on the ground because you’re closer to the sun! Keep a small, travel-size sunscreen and cream in your bag so you can reapply when your skin starts to crack or feel scaly from the dryness of the plane.

Five: Avoid Makeup and Put Your Hair Up

The thought of looking like a scrub on the plane may make us cringe, but it’s better for your skin overall. With makeup on, you won’t be able to keep your lips and skin moist, and your face may break out after a long flight. Put your hair up on the flight to keep hair oils off your skin. If you want to look great coming off the plane, apply your makeup 30-minutes before you land.

Six: Think of the Destination’s Climate

Are you going to a warm, tropical island with a lot of rain and humidity? Or, are you traveling to a dry destination with lots of snow or sand? Hot climates tend to make you sweat, so always pack a non-comedogenic product so it won’t clog your pores. Colder environments need the best moisturizers that will save your face from becoming too dry and cause dandruff or flaky skin.

Seven: Consider a Personal Humidifier

Portable humidifiers are inexpensive and can be as small as 5 inches tall. The plane ride and hotel room can often dry you out, so keep a personal humidifier with you throughout the night. Humidity is incredibly good for your skin, so much so that it could make or break your skincare routine.

Eight: Take the Essentials Only

You won’t need every single skincare product on the plane or while traveling, but you will need something for your eyes, lips, and face. Jet lag’s a significant downside when it comes to crossing over countries, and your under-eye bags and chapped lips will definitely show it. You may need to keep a sleep mask in your bag just in case the time difference shows on your face.