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Tokyo captures the heart of Japan with localgrapher

Tokyo captures the heart of Japan with localgrapher

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Both the political capital and cultural heart of Japan, Tokyo has become a world-famous travel destination. Due to the renovation efforts after World War II and the devastating earthquake of 1923, the city enjoys a vibrant modern vibe while still preserving important historic areas. By traveling here, you can experience Japanese culture in real style; it’s a great chance to find a photographer in Tokyo who can help you do a vacation photo shoot to capture the best parts of the city. Here are a few of the top sites and excellent places for photographs in Tokyo.

Imperial Palace
Combining the past with the present day is the Imperial Palace, a lavish site constructed in 1457 and still in use by the modern imperial family. You can come for a tour to experience the grandeur for yourself, from the elegant gardens to the fantastic architecture. Surrounding the palace is an impressive wall approximately two meters thick, and when you visit the palace you can appreciate the scale and artistic design of the site.

Meiji Temple
Completed in 1926 after almost 10 years of construction, the Meiji Temple is known as one of the most beautiful temple sites in the city of Tokyo. It’s a great place for photographers in Tokyo to come if they want photos that capture both the beauty and culture of the city. A major attraction of the Meiji Temple is the large forested area surrounding the site, which covers about 175-acres and is full species of trees native to Japan.

Tokyo Skytree
Of all the attractions in Tokyo, the Skytree truly is unmissable. This iconic landmark stands out against the skyline of the city, and it is the tallest structure in the country. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can ride the elevator up to the observation decks, located at 350 meters and 450 meters. The Tokyo Skytree restaurant is also a popular place for tourists to go to enjoy an authentic and truly memorable meal while visiting the capital of Japan.

Kabuki-za Theatre
The performances at the Kabuki-za Theatre are famous nation-wide, and it is an excellent place to go for an authentic cultural experience when traveling to Tokyo. Performances feature song and dance rituals dating back to medieval times and can sometimes last for hours. You can come and stay as long as you want to see for yourself this interesting aspect of the culture of Tokyo.

Ueno Park
Escape the crowded traffic of the streets of Tokyo by coming to Ueno Park. If you want to do a photo shoot while on vacation, professional photographers like the ones from Localgrapher can help you pick the perfect spots in the park for photographs. Depending on the time of year you visit, you might get to experience the springtime flower blossoms or the spectacular colors of the trees during the fall.

From the numerous historic temple sites to the vibrant modern energy, Tokyo has an atmosphere, unlike any other city. Coming here you’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds: the historic combined with the modern, and the energetic next to the serene. Each moment of your trip is certain to be one you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, and so planning ahead to make sure you get to the top sites and have good photographs is important when traveling to a place like Tokyo.