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5 reasons to visit South India

5 reasons to visit South India

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First of all, we have to notice that India is not a destination for everyone. There are only two options: to fall in love with this country or to hate it. But besides, India is too broad a concept – being in the Taj Mahal and Mumbai is not like being in South India. In the southern states, many things are different: tribes, cultures, and lives. So even if you were in the exotic Asian country, here are 5 reasons to make another trip but just south:

The temples

Both the temples and the gods inhabiting them are part of the daily routine of the Indian. It’s been that way for centuries, it’s still today. The temples in Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram are an example of the spectacular style of the Pallava Dynasty (between the seventh and ninth centuries). The impressive cave temples in Mahabalipuram and the rocky fortress in Trichi are also of this time. A few centuries later, the Chola Dynasty built beautiful monuments in Tanjavur. In Madurai, you can see the exquisite Minakshi Temple of another dynasty – Nayak. Most temples in South India are thousands of years old, altered, strengthened and beautified by different rulers.

The food

The food in India is different from the one we are used to, but it’s great! South India’s hot humid climate, heavy rainfall and close proximity to the coast guarantee large quantities of rice in all varieties, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, stews, and delicious seafood. Usually, every meal consumes spicy food, so do not be surprised but try it. 

Important: Be sure to try traditional Indian bread Naan.


The city of Pondicherry still bears the traces of its French and British past. There are colonial-style buildings, some more than three hundred years old, but in extremely good condition and still habitable. Pondicherry’s blend of history and geography, antiquity and modernity create a rare combination of styles. The oldest church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built around 1700, will remind you of Notre Dame of Paris, but once you hear the scooter horns, again and again, you return to Indian reality. One of the main attractions of the city is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its numerous buildings – spiritual, cultural, educational and commercial. Thousands of people attend the temple and meditate before the two samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother around whom the ashram is built.

Ayurveda – do not miss the massages

Ayurveda is a perfect, ancient life science and Kerala is the home of Ayurveda. It is one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine. Massages in this area are a must-have program – the techniques and oils they use are very different from what we are used to. Adding to that, climate…

Important: It is advisable to choose a massage studio at the hotel where you are staying, regardless of the price difference. Hotel rates are a bit higher, but this gives you security in the hygiene and quality of service you receive. 

Tea and spice plantations

A stepped carpet of green tea plantations covering misty wavy hills in India, very different from what you imagine. Visit a Tea or Spice Plantation to learn about each plant’s properties.

Author: Borislav Georgiev