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5 Tips For A Hassle-Free Intercity Travel In Texas

5 Tips For A Hassle-Free Intercity Travel In Texas

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For those who prefer to see some scenic country and roadside views as they travel, taking the bus instead of a plane is a nice alternative. Bus rides can be more convenient for intercity travel, such as a trip from Dallas to Houston. You won’t need to be at the airport an hour and a half before departure. This way, you can skip the long and idle waiting time in the airport.

Travel by bus would usually take somewhere between four-and-a-half hours to a little over five hours. Read on if you want to know more information about traveling by bus from Houston to Dallas and a few suggestions and tips for hassle-free intercity traveling in Texas.

  1. Know Average Ticket Prices

The average bus ticket price from Dallas to Houston would range from USD$22 to USD$35. You can check out ticketing and reservations portals for the most updated prices around the time of your planned trip. The lowest monthly ticket prices for the Dallas to Houston route are usually offered in June, at around USD$23. This is the lowest average ticket price at any time during the year.

By contrast, the average ticket price for the Dallas to Houston route reaches its peak in January. At that time of the year, the average ticket price could go up to as high as USD$31. So, expect to spend a little bit more if you’re planning to travel in January. But, you can still buy tickets at a lower price if you book your tickets ahead of time.

You’ll find out that the average ticket price for most bus companies tends to go up as the date of the intended travel comes nearer. It’s a good idea to book and buy your tickets ahead of your planned departure date. A lead time of at least five days should be enough time so you can score a low-priced ticket. You can save as much as USD$7.46 on average if you book and buy in advance.

  1. Know Basic Info About Bus Schedules

Five bus lines service the route from Dallas to Houston. FlixBus US makes 13 bus trips every day. They have the most buses leaving and running each day. The average travel time of a FlixBus US ride is 4 hours and 8 minutes. The average ticket price for a FlixBus US ride is USD$25.22.

Greyhound makes seven trips daily. Its average travel time is 5 hours and 2 minutes with an average ticket price of USD$29.77. RedCoach Business makes two trips every day. Its average travel time is 3 hours and 44 minutes. The average ticket price is USD$19.80. RedCoach First Class has one trip daily with an average travel time of 3 hours and 52 minutes. The average ticket price is USD$22.87. Tornado Bus makes one trip every day. Its average travel time is 4 hours and 54 minutes. The average ticket price is USD$58.03. 

  1. Know Where The Bus Stations Are Located 

For a hassle-free trip, you should also know ahead of your scheduled travel the locations of the different bus terminals both from your departure from Dallas, as well as your arrival in Houston. The Dallas Greyhound Station is a departure terminal for more than 350 different bus trips each day. It is located in the center of the historic Dallas downtown. Some ride-hailing apps are also tied up with public transit apps and portals.

Americans travel to different points among major in-state cities such as Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Some even travel as far north as Toronto. There’s a pizza parlor and some coffee shops within the station. There are 20 other dining choices within a half-mile from the Dallas Greyhound station because of its central location in downtown Dallas. Bus travelers can also take a quick walk to nearby Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station if they have connecting train rides. It’s just a few blocks away from the Greyhound station.

If you’re coming from Houston, the bus stations in Houston are located in five (5) places that serve as departure stations for the different bus lines. There’s the Bus Terminal at 2121 Main Street. This is located right at the center of downtown Houston. It serves as a hub for bus trips by Greyhound, Jefferson Lines, and Tornado Bus. 

The station is open 24 hours a day. There are several dining choices, restrooms, and waiting seats. There’s parking, reservation offices for car rentals. There are nearby fast food stores and gas refueling stops. It’s also very near to the Light Rail station, which can take you to most other places around Houston.

  1. Reserve A Limited Seat

There are bus companies that offer reserved seating on their double-decker bus rides for the Dallas to Houston trip. These seats are limited with only about 20 seats offering a panoramic view of the scenic roadside for the whole trip. You can sit at a table or secure seats next to your family and friends through their seat reservation portals. Doing so can give you spacious seating and a smooth journey. However, these premium seats are limited so you should remember to plan your trips ahead of time and book your reservations.

  1. The Usual Amenities

The usual amenities that you’ll enjoy in a bus ride include the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection 
  • Free onboard entertainment with some bus companies 
  • Seats have individual power outlets for your gadgets
  • Most bus companies have reclining seats to help you relax

The bus ride from Dallas to Houston offers some of the most scenic views among in-state intercity travels in the state of Texas. You won’t be able to see these views if you were on a plane, and you can certainly make the most out of your trip by taking pictures. Most bus companies offer very comfortable and convenient bus rides. 

There are bus companies that offer seats on their luxury double-decker buses from Dallas to Houston. These buses are equipped with onboard restrooms, three-point seatbelts, reclining seats, and free Wi-Fi. 

Intercity Travel In Texas

Taking the bus for intercity traveling in Texas can be a wonderful travel experience. You may also try travelling from Houston to Deer Park. There are apartments for rent in Deer Park that might pique your interest. Most of the buses have amenities, which make your bus ride very comfortable and convenient. It’s a very convenient and practical alternative to taking airplanes for intercity travel. But you have to do your part and book ahead to get low-priced tickets. You should also make the most of early reservation portals for premium seats with a view.