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How to Make Your Travel Video Interesting to Watch

How to Make Your Travel Video Interesting to Watch

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The best way to share your travel experiences is to make an interesting, dynamic, live travel video. Travel videos are also a promising idea for making money.

We’ve prepared some video production tips for those who are just thinking of starting their own travel video blog and how to enjoy the process.

4 Ways to Boost the Engagement in Your Travel Video 

With the advent of various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, there are many different ways to talk about your travels in a “series” format, and it is imperative to make this “series” interesting.

How to do it?

  • Come up with unique ideas, video duration, shooting plans

This advice is obvious, but this is ground zero. Think about what and how you will talk, the timing of the video, and shooting plans. By the way, timing is extremely important for Instagram captions as this social media longs for one minute only.

It is worth starting from the trip program. Think about what you will see along the way and what places/sights will really attract tourists?

There are two most popular travel video formats:

#1 Travel vlog, or to put it classically, a video blog about travel. These videos are similar to personal blog entries, based on the personal experience of the traveler, made in a natural, relaxed manner. For the audience, video blogs are attractive because they are built on trust, show things “from the inside,” and often provide useful tips for travelers. They don’t have a strict format and structure – therefore, starting with a vlog, you can reveal yourself as a creative person and get the most out of the process. The most vivid impressions, sketches from the life of locals, thoughts that visit you on the road will go here.

#2 Video guides. Like regular guides, video guides are created to inspire and help other travelers. These videos are well optimized for search engines and get a lot of views. Therefore, if you are thinking about making money while traveling, aim for video guides; however, this is a very time-consuming job that requires good preparation and planning, as well as editing efforts.

However, regardless of the genre, a captivating travel video must have a unique gimmick. Don’t try to summarize the entire trip or show everything you’ve seen or done. Pick one topic or one trick and devote yourself to it.

We think everyone knows Matt Harding or Dancing Matt. If you watch his videos today, 17 years later, you’ll see horrible shaky footage, zero framing skills. But the story he tells is still amazing. Later, he came up with a simple idea – to dance in exotic places. Just watch his Bollywood dance in amazing India or resurrection dance in Alaska

This is the very idea that made the whole world watch his channel. And you try to invent the same.

  • Grab the right equipment

Before heading to your destination, make sure you bring everything you need with you: the best travel video camera, GoPro, high-quality external microphone. 

Don’t ignore buying a small “tripod” on which you can stabilize your camera, tablet, or smartphone to take your shooting to the next level. Once you eliminate the shaking hands’ effect, the picture will look much better and more professional.

Remember to protect your equipment. When you decide which camera to use for your travel stories, you need everything you need to protect it while you travel. Buy a small camera case: neoprene bag, shockproof or silicone case, as well as aqua box.

  • Don’t be afraid to look like a fool

If you really want a great travel video that tells a story, makes people laugh, or inspires them to see the world, you can look like an idiot while filming it.

The perfect shot might include talking to the camera in front of a crowd of strangers. You may have to dance in the middle of a grocery store or sit at an awkward angle in the middle lane for 30 minutes to get the perfect clip or wake up at 4 a.m. to hit the mountain just in time for sunrise. 

Forget about everyone else and how stupid you look because if you do what you know you need to get the shot, it will all be worth it when people finally hit the play button.

  • Dedicate yourself to powerful editing

Once you start editing, you will find that it’s even more enjoyable to edit a video than shoot it. It’s nice to see that some trash clips turn into something watchable.

  • Bright start

An introduction is absolutely necessary, and it should not last more than 7-10 seconds. In these seconds, it is required to include something inspiring and cool so that the viewers don’t switch to another channel. Tell the audience what this video will be about and give a strong lead.

  • Transitions: spinning, high-five, and whip pans

So how do you keep your short clips from becoming a jumping nightmare? Shoot with the perspective transition.

For example, a simple high-five transition at the end of every video you shoot will give the viewer anticipation for the next insanely hilarious scene. 

Spinning is another transition option, but use it with care. Spinning every frame in a travel video can make viewers dizzy. Make it rare and slow, and everything will be great.

Feel free to experiment: blend your transitions with slow panning (turning the camera left or right) in any direction. The slight movement makes the transition not look like a cut but more like a rolling canvas, and the change in direction doesn’t shake. By ordering video editing services, you can save time for other tasks and shoot more engaging footage.

  • Music is almost as important as video

Great music is essential when making a great travel video. We don’t joke. Choosing killer-free music for video is a cornerstone of the editing process, and if you find a song with a steady beat, stall, and bottom-up action, all you have to do is merge clips that match those emotions. 

  • Ending and call to action

At the end of the video, ask your viewers to “like” and subscribe to your channel. You can tell what will happen in the next issue. Give it about 10-15 seconds to run.

Wrapping Up 

Sometimes it’s best to just start shooting and experimenting. In the process, you will understand what video format and what tricks suit you best.

Master at least basic programs out of free video editing software. Over time, the material will become better and brighter, and the videos will be more engaging, and you will find your own solutions, which will probably turn out to be more successful than the average ones.

Photo by:  Jakob Owens