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How to become a (successful) travel blogger

How to become a (successful) travel blogger

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Lavish vacation pics and foreign cuisine reviews are usually some of the most followed pieces of content on the internet. And no matter the platform, people love travel-related content. 

Especially when it’s amazing in quality.

Many accounts on Instagram are specifically dedicated to reposting travel pics too. Naturally, these profiles get loads of attention. Especially now when most of us are stuck in lockdown.

In this blog, we want to show you how to create a successful travel-blog production for yourself. 

Without any further ado, here are 5 clever ways to boost reads and improve the quality of your travel blogs. Even in 2020, the year almost no one traveled further from the local grocery store.

  • Find your style and brand it
  • Be persistent and have a schedule 
  • Invest in your blogs
  • Keep an eye on the competition 
  • Use popular social media for promotion (Instagram & TikTok)

Write(Think) Different  

The usual travel blog format is always the same and the narrative isn’t really up for shock value. The reader always knows what they are going to get, more or less. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up. 

Just like in literature, every writer is bound to develop a style of their own. Especially after years of experience and practice. 

And it’s not about the most expensive hotels or the number of stars under their belt. People like to be entertained. And the writer that can turn an average travel spot into an amazing piece of entertaining blog content will always be on top.

Remember, it’s not about the travel destination…It’s quite literally about the journey. And we are not trying to be inspirational here! 

Persistency & Scheduling

Developing a style won’t just give your blog value, it will also grant you structure. Having a specific schedule and persistence in following it through is the biggest push your blogs can get.

So when you start building an audience, the schedule at hand will let them know when they can expect new content. And the bigger the audience the vaster the production, hence – the better the structure. 

Don’t stress, Invest!

As your blogs start welcoming new faces, it’s a good idea to truly give them a ride for their “money”. That’s right…Invest!

Having a good marketing team to support your writing is super important. Essentially after a while in the industry. 

Blogs are very visual too, so a good graphic or UX designer is always welcomed on the team. Having people take care of the technical side of things will give you loads of time to focus on the main picture – the blogs themselves.

Once your audience gets larger and the demand gets louder, it’s time to turn that one-man team into a full-on production machine

Competitors Can Be Friends

Checking up on what your favorite competitors are up to is always a good practice. And before you go there, no, do not “steal” their style or format. Simply get to know their methods so that you could do or be better. 

Knowing what your competitors are doing allows you to avoid doing the same thing and focus on being unique

Don’t copy their homework, create the blueprint!

Instagram and TikTok To The Rescue

Both Instagram and TikTok are known for their breathtaking travel content. Many accounts on both platforms are specifically dedicated to making you feel like you’re actually in Hawaii while watching. 

They take their content game so seriously that the numbers speak for themselves. The #travel hashtag on TikTok has over 22Billion videos. Instagram’s #travel hashtag has over 500million. 

Just imagine the engagement on these things. Insane! And engagement is very important on any and every internet platform in need of an audience.  For more info on how to improve your engagement on Instagram, check out the IG growth experts:

Embedding some of these videos in your blogs or trying to get your own videos on one of these accounts draws a lot of attention to your blog posts! 


In the end, the quality of your blogs and the cleverness of the words you chose is the real game-changer. Everything else is a helping hand to support your amazing talent and marvelous travel storytelling! 

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash.