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Are you a travel challenger? Casting people with real stories for a commercial

Are you a travel challenger? Casting people with real stories for a commercial

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Nef Jones Casting in New York City is casting a commercial for TNT that will feature real stories about people who are living life to the fullest. One of the stories they are interested in featuring is that of people who are travel challengers, people who are doing something unique or extreme and that incorporates travel! Here are the details in case you recognize yourself in this description:

TNT in conjunction with Tums is celebrating people who live life to the fullest! We are looking for inspiring stories that fill us with hope and wonderment. Are you someone who live’s life on the edge? Someone who isn’t afraid of pushing themselves to the limit?

We are casting men and women, all ethnicities between the ages of 25 and 60, who live in or around the New York area. 

Seeking the following:

Travel challengers  

Engaged in an amazing personal travel challenge.  Example – rowing a kayak across the ocean, sailing solo a long distance, flying around the world


Examples: Living off the land, exploring unusual food sources for survival, prepared for anything, etc.


Extreme sports participants 

BMX, Skateboarding, Snowboarding Mountain-climbing, Motorcycle racing, etc

We are particularly interested in people who have a meaningful story or motivation for doing the activity they do.

Pay Rate: $1500 for shoot + $500.00 for a voice over

Shoot Date: Week of January 22nd for two days with a Voice Over session on a following day that week

Usage: Buyout for all media, worldwide 3-years

Email with the following info:

1. Name

2. Contact #

3. A few candid photos. (please include a close up of your face, no sunglasses, and a photo of you doing what you do if applicable)

4. A few sentences about what you do, and the motivation or story behind it.