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Top Reasons to Make a Career Jump Start with  Cisco CCNA 200-125 R&S Credential through Prepaway Prep Materials

Top Reasons to Make a Career Jump Start with Cisco CCNA 200-125 R&S Credential through Prepaway Prep Materials

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In a room full of aspiring candidates, the one linked to the most highly-regarded credential brings home the bacon. Not to mention, this certification comes from a world-renowned vendor like Cisco, which alone dominates on the market of routers and switches in the world. Notably, individuals heading for a networking career usually prepare themselves with the CCNA 200-125 Routing and Switching certification of Cisco.

Obtaining this credential serves as an open-badge of your accomplishment and competence in the network profession. Combining your mastery, hands-on skills, and experience with a topmost credential such as the Cisco CCNA 200-125 R&S will help you stay ahead of other candidates in the game. Here are plentiful reasons why you should invest in this ship-shape, valuable certification:

Professional growth

Once you have reached the associate-level ladder of certification, you create more doors for your career. This means you are eligible to take the professional-level certificate that will require your extensive training from your own previous credential. After acquiring the CCNA 200-125 R&S credential, you can proceed to take its immediate course, which is the CCNP. There’s no quick way to arrive at a higher position with a high-level certification, but a CCNA 200-125 R&S credential makes it possible. You must have had earned your associate-level credential before you can upgrade to more top-level certifications from Cisco.

Broader career prospects

Most companies worldwide look for professionals who are equipped with better credentials to match the industry’s pace. Essentially, they are interested to see whether an individual who aims to become a network engineer, among others, is armed with the needed adroitness to cope up with the networking realm. There must be mastery not only in the fundamentals of networking but also in other in-depth aspects of the field, like protocols, routers, and switches. Upon having earned this credential, plenty of job prospects will come up to you.

The Associate-level certification paves careers for Network Engineers, Software Engineers, System Engineers, Senior Network Engineer, and Technical Support Engineer. For network engineers, the CCNA 200-125 R&S certification serves a requirement for most employers. This credential is ideal for individuals who are willing to be trained in their craft and those who can keep up with the latest trends in the dynamic world of networking. Other job prospects that certified IT professionals can head to include roles like IT Manager and Network Administrator. Undeniably, a certification from Cisco means a great jumpstart in your professional life.

Serves as a testament of your IT capacities

As Cisco’s devices are recognized worldwide, an individual planning to join the world of networking must also have the know-how in managing devices. When you arrive at the doorsteps of a company while carrying with you the esteemed CCNA 200-125 R&S certificate, you are immediately seen as a candidate with potential. That alone is a declaration of your networking knowledge and skills as a candidate of the industry. It is shared knowledge in IT companies that passing any Cisco certification exam requires a great deal of training and determination.  

So, how to obtain the certification?

First and foremost, there are no prerequisites needed in applying for the certification process. The only thing needed is the knowledge and skills that you have acquired from your previous training and experiences. Ultimately, passing the required exam is the key to opening your networking path.

Certification exam

There are two exam options you can pick. Either you choose 200-125 CCNA 200-125 exam alone or take the 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 altogether. Lasting for 90 minutes, all of the exams are arched to evaluate your competence in infrastructure management, maintenance, services, and lastly, your know-how in the respective principles of networking.

Exam preparation tips

In acing the certification exam, undergoing training that will test your knowledge and skills is as important as taking the actual exam. These can be in the form of exam dumps, books, video lectures, training courses, among many others.

  1. Before taking exam, start from checking the Cisco website. It has a great variety of approved pieces of training that are equally mentally stimulating. Different training courses are available for aspiring professionals like you. Included are:
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2)
  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNA 200-125X)

In addition, on the Cisco’s website you can find other learning network material related to the exam (CCNA 200-125 Study Material, CCNA 200-125 R&S Study Sessions, and CCNA 200-125 Routing and Switching Blogs), use it during your exam preparation process.

  1. Practice exam dumps during your preparation process. The main benefit of using exam dumps is in how they allow you to catch a glimpse on the topics and questions you can cross in the actual exam. Another catch is the price – how inexpensive they are compared to other study materials. The dumps will be effective if they are actual and updated. This means that they should be downloaded from reliable websites, for example, from Prepaway, PrepAway, Exam-Labs, and ExamCollection, as they provide quality content best suited for network engineers. The files are available in vce or ete format. At Prepaway you can find a precious collection of the vce dumps. They contain questions and answers that have been checked by IT experts. The Prepaway’s files allow you to get the testing experience closely connected to the one you’ll receive at the real exam since you’ll train the questions on the special modern educational tool- the VCE Simulator. Here, you’ll reveal your weak areas, track your results and improve them.
  2. On the Prepaway website, you can find the section with video courses or video tutorials. With the top qualified tutors, you will get the information that will equip you with deeper knowledge on the networking topics and how to deal with them. You’ll get the specialties that you won’t find in any book.
  3. Join the online community. Today the internet provides you with the opportunities that didn’t exist earlier. Find the online communities where candidates share tips to be well-prepared for the exam. Thus, you can communicate with candidates with different skills level all around the world and get useful information, that will assist you in passing the Cisco certification exams.

Essential skills needed

Both your comprehensive knowledge and performance-based skills are needed to earn this credential. There must be an extensive grasp on the fundamental concepts and terminology of wireless networking as well as the ability to efficiently configure, install, troubleshoot, and act upon unforeseen threats on security. Additionally, you must also have finesse in using different protocols; must be practically skilled in routing; as well as in setting up and configuring devices.


The networking industry is as sharp as a tack when finding the most qualified candidates. To become such, you need to be well-prepared. For that, visit Prepaway website and get the most updated materials.

It does not do well to have the passion without the training―the same as training alone without passion. But don’t worry because CCNA 200-125 R&S credential gives you both, making you a polished professional who is always on the run to be better.