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Fun things to do at the beach

Fun things to do at the beach

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If you’re heading abroad on your holidays this year, what better way to prepare than to come up with awesome beach activity ideas?

While simply laying back and soaking up the sun is a fab way to spend a relaxing beach holiday, it’s not always easy if you have kids! Family beach holidays can become a nightmare pretty quickly if you don’t keep the kids entertained. So, to help, here you’ll discover some great fun things to do at the beach to keep everyone happy.

Enjoy a spot of fishing

It’s important to note that not all beaches allow you to fish, so this is something you’ll need to research beforehand. However, if it is allowed then fishing can be a great, relaxing activity for the whole family.

You’ll be surprised how much fun your kids will have trying to catch fish. Not only does it keep them happy, but it also keeps them quiet – just what you need to enjoy your holiday!

Play cricket

If you’re looking for something a little more active, cricket can be a great activity to play on the beach. This idea is sure to tire the kids out, so you’ll also be able to enjoy a nice relaxing evening!

If you don’t have any cricket equipment, you can easily pick some up online. Stores such as Talent Cricket offer affordable, high-quality cricket sets you can pick up before you go.

Fly kites

Remember when you were younger, and times seemed so much simpler? Flying kites on holiday used to be a very popular, fun thing to do. Though technology has now pretty much taken over, these traditional activities can still be enjoyed.

Why not buy the whole family a kite? You’ll be able to enjoy feeling like a kid again and the kids will absolutely love it!

Enjoy a beach BBQ

After trying out the activities above, what better way to unwind than with a beach BBQ? You can pick up disposable BBQ equipment and cook up a treat for you and the family. Again, there may be regulations against this on some beaches so it’s definitely something to check before you light up a BBQ!

Collect Seashells

Want to make the holiday educational as well as fun for the kids? Collecting seashells can be an awesome way to spend the time.

When you’re abroad, the shells you’ll find are typically different to the ones you’d find on UK beaches. So, if your kids already have a collection back home, they’ll be able to add to it with unique shells from your travels. Of course, you’ll have to check you’ll be ok to take the shells home with you. If not, you can still have fun collecting them. You can then teach your kids about the different shells and where they come from.

The above is just some of the great fun things you can do at the beach. Why not try one, or even all of them, the next time you’re on a beach getaway?